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The last day of May already.

Can someone explain to me how that happened while I was so busy trying to keep my head above water?

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I just made my last cup and the next delivery won’t be here until Tuesday. I suppose McDonalds it will be on my way to work tomorrow morning.

I would try to dodge your questions about why I’ve missed coffee since mid to late April, and focus on the present bout of craziness.


Like Cam’s last day of junior year was Friday and it came too fast. Now there are so many decisions to make, plans to put in place, and paperwork to struggle through. Not to mention he’s stuck in that place of almost an adult but not quite close enough to feel comfortable.

Yeah, we were one of those families that started preparing for these years at birth. We’ve talked life choices, possibilities, making the right choices now to build into your future dream.

IMG_7444We had the incoming freshman who shook his head at how other friends parents sat down at the tables and made their schedules for them. Told their kids what they wanted to do after graduation and therefore what path they needed to take in high school. Our kids came home with a new perspective on both their friends and their parents.

Except for now we’re in left field. His dream has taken a new direction. One neither of us know anything about except what we’ve heard from others.

This is hard.

I trust my son to make the right choice. But I want him to get the best long-term deal possible.

And then there’s Lil. She leaves in one week. I have one week from today to get her dental work done, shopping done, packing done, and then dropped off at MIZZOU for Missouri Scholars Academy.


We are so proud of her for choosing to go through the application process. Even if she hadn’t got accepted, we were proud that she was our school’s candidate. But the look on her face when she came bounding in to my classroom to tell me she got accepted, well, she’s proud too.

My typically non-social child has spent the last two weeks IMing other students that will also be attending the academy. Constantly. As in we haven’t seen her eyes.

She doesn’t really do social media or texting too much.

Now she’s “met” people who are like her and she’s found they have much to talk about. Like how to build a better public school system.

Yes, sixteen-year-olds. Stayed up until one or two am on a school night discussing ways to better public education.IMG_7412

She’s going to be gone, soaking up higher education, for three weeks.

It drove me crazy when she was gone to the state capital on a trip for two days that she wouldn’t respond every couple of hours to text messages. At this academy, the brightest of the bright, can’t take their laptops or tablets. And their cell phones are off limits other than in their dorm rooms which they really won’t be in until bed time. I won’t be able to hear her stories on a daily basis.

We’ve raised our children to be independent, self-sufficient, and productive members of society. We have walked, ran, and yes, crawled sometimes to this end with purpose.

I thought I had prepared for it. I thought I would enjoy this time the most. I don’t think I realized just how involved I am. In everything they do.



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  • Glad to see you back for the coffee share!

    Good luck to both your daughter and son as they work things out for themselves. 🙂

  • I think you will enjoy it and it is because you are so involved that you will enjoy it. That enjoyment will come through your pride in what they do and in their decisions and choices. I know it’s tough to let them go, even for only three weeks, but you will do it because you’ve taught her well and because you know that it’s a good thing for her, and for you.