Wanted: Individuals Needing Tutor to Teach Losing 

I’ve never been one to feel as if I should tell someone to lose weight. You do you. I’ll love ya (or not) regardless of how you look 

I normally don’t notice or pay attention to physical attributes. Don’t believe me? Ask my husband about all the changes (Yes, some drastic. ) that I’ve failed to notice without someone pointing out. 

I’ve never been one to place importance on physical appearance. 

That’s why these recent impulses surprise and kind of scare me. 

It’s no secret that I’ve found a clean eating product and program that is working for me. I’m losing about 10 pounds a month. I’m reaping energy, loss of cravings, and physical stamina. 

This started as a 90 day challenge, but had quickly became something I want to share with others. Those who need it just as much as me. 

And all the sudden I’m noticing people talk about needing to lose weight. I want to jump in and tell them how simple (not easy) it can be!

Or I hear someone say they’ve given up on losing weight and I want to shove my products and program in their hands and say, “Give me 90 days! Just go with me through this for 90 days!”

Except there’s also the individuals who I can look at and tell from their mannerisms they aren’t comfortable in their own skin. And I want to ask them what they’ve already tried. What they’d be willing to try. 


Because I want to share this with those who need to know. Those who think there’s no hope. Those who think they’ve tried it all and will simply always be unhealthy. 

Folks, it isn’t true!

90 days. If you can purchase products (money back guarantee) and stick with me for 90 days, you’ll see hope. You’ll see increased energy. You’ll find motivation pouring from your pores. 

You CAN do it. I will HELP you do it 

What is stopping us from letting today be the first of those 90 days?

What keeps you from trying again?

I’m a teacher. That’s what I find myself wanting to do all the sudden: teach others how to find their healthy. 


  • You sound motivated! A good place to be to teach others what you know!

  • I’m like you, I don’t like at a person’s physical looks, I look at them as a person. I’m sharing your blog to a few people that may be interested in your “offer”

    • Martha,

      People like us are apparently rare. I get called out often for not noticing things about others physical looks. I just don’t get caught up in outward appearances!

      Thank you so much for the share!


  • I love that you talked about one doing them and that’s really good. You sound really happy about the milestones you are making and congratulations. I think it’s really nice that you want to help

  • I’ve been having success at losing weight and getting into shape, but I know others who need a bit more help – they get discouraged easily and give up on themselves. I’ll let them know about your post if they ask.