Wow. If we were having coffee, mine might have to be laced with something much stronger than coffee beans, creamer, flavoring, or sweetener.

What can make a three hour drive through twisty, turny, rural roads even longer? A snow storm.

We left at 12:15 PM and pulled in our driveway at about 6:00 PM. Let’s just say a lot of the time was spent following someone who was doing under 30 miles per hour.

Usually the weekend I spend at the Write to Learn conference is one of the best weekends of the year. My husband typically goes with me. We get in a couple quiet, romantic dinners, some fun time at the resort arcade, and spend several hours shopping for the kids at the outlet mall.

Dinners happened this weekend. The rest was simply, well, survival?

He got sick with a sinus infection, bad, the day before we left, but wouldn’t stay home due to the weather forecast.

So, as soon as we checked in Thursday, dinner at the resort and bed. Friday I woke up with a migraine I’d been fighting of and on all week. Made it through an hour and a half of meetings before Chris had to run me medicine. Normally one does it. Two still wasn’t touching it.

Usually I enjoy this conference and learn a LOT of new ways to teach reading and writing to my middle and high school students. Friday was not about enjoyment or education; it was endurance.

Another migraine med, skip the outlet mall even though the weather says we can’t shop after my last session tomorrow, and head to the winery with the green kitchen that we found last year.

Even with a headache, the food was amazing. I could have done without the live guitarist strumming and singing along to karaoke tracks being played through a karaoke setup. Yes, it was interesting to say the least.

I may have had my pajamas on before we got all the way in the room. Chris looked at me, shocked, and said, “I was going to see if you wanted to play games at the arcade, but I guess that answers that question.”

Saturday, we left the second my last session was over without stopping for lunch. It was still too late.


So, I’m really behind on blogging and unfortunately it isn’t because hubby and I were having an amazing time reconnecting.

After a full week on the new blog, the last thing I needed was to plug the computer in last night to discover a second non-working power cord since January 1st. The transition to the new site went well, but building audience is moving almost as slow as traffic yesterday.

So, if you decide to brave the weather to share coffee with me, could you grab me a new power cord on your way? Writing on my Galaxy S3 works, but would be much more efficient on a keyboard! 🙂 Oh, and could you pick up a few more of my audience on your way in too? I’m really kind of missing all their shiny faces to brighten this new space up.



  • Carrie,

    I’m so sorry that the weekend didn’t go so well. And I hope things get better and better for you as days move on.

    I also hope you got something out of the trip.



  • Hi Carrie,
    Sorry about the awful weekend. I had a run in with a bad battery on my Christmas laptop. I don’t think manufacturing quality control on computer equipment is as good as it should be. As for building a blog up from zero… ugh! Not fun. Good luck!
    Thanks for coffee.

    • Robin,

      Thanks for dropping in! Yes, sometimes quality seems to be lacking. No school tomorrow, so when hubby’s at therapy tomorrow I’ll grab a new cord.

      I do believe self-hosted was the right choice, but going from 500-1000 page views a day to way less than 100 is a shock.

  • What an end to the week! Sorry you had such a rough time of it, and I hope that you’re getting to do some resting today.

    I’m looking to move the Monster soon, too, and I’m thinking all of those same things about traffic and audience and the new site, too. I’m glad the transition went well for you—I’m sure traffic will pick back up soon. 🙂

    • Diana,

      I do believe self-hosted was the right choice, but going from 500-1000 page views a day to way less than 100 is a shock.

      Your transition will be fine! You have built your platform to include #weekendcoffeeshare and #SundayBlogShare . That will help make your transition smoother!

  • You just have to take what comes and stride on. You did it! Congratulations on surviving.

  • Sending lots of coffee and sympathy. Strong, strong coffee. It’s been years (knock on wood) since I’ve had a migraine,but I absolutely can not imagine having a migraine and having to listen to karaoke. Ouch. Hope you don’t have an experience like that for many, many years to come.

    • Alana,

      Raising mug to you! I tend to get them at somewhat predictable times: barometric pressure changes, hormonal pressure changes, and stress level pressure changes. I take meds year round to prevent them, but every once in a trigger, one slips through. Usually they’re pretty manageable when they do, but once or twice a year they are BAD.

      Of course, bad karaoke could make a slight headache bad. 😉

  • It’s been a rough winter in many places. Our pastor this morning, in prayer, mentioned his gratefulness that winter is nearly over and we’ve all managed to get through it. Now we just need to survive the spring! We live five miles up a dirt road and there are areas where our SUV can just barely fit through the snowbanks

    • Marie,

      Yuck on barely fitting up your road! Our driveway is long and has steep sides on one stretch. Makes me a nervous wreck. I am MORE than ready for spring. We’ve had church cancelled a LOT due to weather. :=/

      Thank you so much for stopping in! I don’t normally talk so negatively about my day-to-day existence. Please drop by to chat again!

  • I’m so sorry your weekend and the conference were so disappointing this year. It sounds like the conference weekend from hell, much like a couple of “vacations from hell” that I’ve had. Not fun but great fodder for some writing!

    I hope you manage to find your readers, along with a new power cord!

    • Corina,

      Ahhh. The power cord. That is yet another blog post in the making. The plot thickens. I have to see how this one plays out first. Hopefully no one lands in jail…

      Only to me…only to me.

  • Carrie I’m so sorry the weekend turned out like that, but glad to hear you made it back ok. I saw some really scary pics from I-44 on the news. We didn’t get as much here in SW MO, but it was still pretty hairy. Again, so glad you made it back safe even though your weekend was rough.

    I totally feel you on the big move! I moved a couple weeks ago & I’ve been worrying a little too much about the audience situation. We’ll stick together! 🙂

    • Megan,

      Apparently 44 was a disaster. We do sometimes take that route going from home to the lake, but my husband tends to stick to the back roads. On the way home he said he would not hit 44 due to the weather. I’m so glad he didn’t!

      We were out of church Sunday, school Monday, and now we’re out of school again today and tomorrow. I’ll be surprised if we go Friday.

      Yes, my blog traffic has been way, way less than 1/2 what it had been. The last few days (do to my lack of posting) even worse. However, I’m trying to focus on quality, not quantity, which is a bit of a change for me. I have already had some very positive results. I’m trying to keep my eyes fixed on that, and let the numbers go.

      I’m all for sticking together. I knew I should have made this change two years ago and was just too afraid. I really should have done it before traffic picked up instead of after.

  • Hi Carrie,
    By the number of responses you’re getting, looks like some of your audience caught up with you back at the house today! 😀 Good to have company dropping in — glad you don’t have to make and serve coffee though! Seems like they brought their own thermoses! Perhaps one of them has a good brand, strong enough to cure what ails you! Terrible to have a migraine! Hope you are feeling better today – and taking it easy! How are the plans coming along for the P31 She Speaks Conference. We are praying for you in my small ladies’ prayer group. Hope it works out for you!
    Take care and have a wonderful week!

    • Amy,

      This kind of makes me laugh. Of all posts to be the featured post…this terrible one. :-/ LOL. That will teach me to write and hit publish on negative things.

      I wish I could say I had made reservations for the She Speaks Conference, but financially I just can’t swing it this year. Some years it would be a possibility, but right now nothing extra is much of a possibility. Thank you so much for praying for me!!! You have no idea how much I appreciate that. Most IRL friends and family have no idea what I’m working on. Not because I’m hiding it, but because I just don’t see/talk to anyone outside of work.

  • Awww man, I’m very sorry hun to hear about this horrible headache… May I ask, was it due to traveling you think? Reason I ask because I know for a FACT whenever I travel (just like you and yes with my coffee too LOL), I get KILLER headaches… It’s horrible!!

    • Janelle,

      Thanks for dropping in! My migraines have triggers. Typically the barometric pressure, hormone changes, or stress. The never-ending one last weekend could have been caused by all three. A storm system pushed through, and several people I know who suffer from migraines also had them the same time. I’m going to guess that’s what it was, but it could have been a combination of a few things.

      Please drop by to chat again! I don’t always write negative posts about my life.

  • Oh my, sorry things did NOT go well! And I can relate on the snowstorm issue. Here in Maine, we still have between 4-5 feet on the ground – and more predicted this week! Spring can’t get here soon enough.

    • K. Lee,

      4-5 feet would shut us down until summer. Lol! My husband just asked if I’d heard from my mom about the weather there. I haven’t in a while. That just sounds crazy to me.

      My weekend wasn’t all bad, just not what was expected.

  • Oh no! I’m sorry it didn’t go well. At least your got a great blog post out of this right? Remember, Spring shows up every year! It cannot be far away now

    • Ashley,

      Thank you so much for dropping in. That’s just how life goes some times! I just roll with it. I wish hubby hadn’t been sick and I could have won the migraine battle, but apparently we needed to rest and not be running around crazy. I’m REALLY cheering for spring, though!

  • Cheryl @Treasures from a Shoebox

    It’s those kinds of roads that have me planning to move to Florida. Haha. Sounds like a profitable conference, even if things didn’t go as expected. And it looks like some of your readers have shown up. 🙂