Unlearn Negativity? I’m In!

I wish I could forget how to think negatively.


Thinking negatively is a learned skill; someone taught it to us. If I could forget something I’ve learned in the past, negative thinking would be it.


Last night I listened as someone told a story about a family member who had heard one statement from a parent since they were a very small child. Even as an adult with experience, that one life thought crosses that individuals mind every time they are in a situation like that. Their parent’s negative thinking is still influencing generations.

I myself could list the negative statements that were repeated over and over to me as child. They still run through my head every day.

I refuse to type them here, though. They aren’t productive. They aren’t helping me to become a better person.

I wish I only spoke positively.

Can you imagine how different our lives would be if we only spoke positive words?

“Today I will accomplish the things that must be accomplished.”

“I am worth something. God created me on purpose.”

“Your amount of energy towards this project is inspiring!”

“I’d love to be able to relate to people that easily.”

Do you know what negative statement each of those replace?

Now imagine if one person in your closest circle started talking like that all of the time. How would that change the culture in your circle? Or would it?

I wish I could forget the lessons of negativity I have learned, so I could naturally reflect a positive outlook and be the change in my circle without effort.


This post is part of the LESSONS writing prompts for September on blogher.com.