Two Words for Clean Living

So, I’ve made a decision about a second income. 

I have to have one. 

I also don’t have a schedule conducive to a part-time job on a regular basis. 

Since I don’t know anyone who will just let me show up and work whenever I want to, I have to do something different. Yet intentional and with a consistent income. 

I’m currently a Compassionate Entrepreneur with Trades of Hope. I’ve been working that business as a hobby. I’m going to have to get intentional about working it for an income. 

I’ve also decided to become a Social Marketer. I can do this in addition to my Trades of Hope business while helping to change the world through clean products. 

I’d love to introduce you to this new adventure of mine and help you find clean products to use in your home! I’m having an online open house tomorrow night. Check out the video and then tell me TWO THINGS to get included in this awesome event!
I can’t wait to introduce you to clean living!

Carrie Ann