Trading Cake for Hope


Tomorrow is my birthday.

I’m praying for cake. There won’t be time to eat it due to the schedule for tomorrow, but a girl can wish!

Since there wasn’t time for birthday cake last weekend, and there won’t be time tomorrow, I want to celebrate a little differently.

Please. Don’t send me cake. Especially if you haven’t checked with every other person who reads this blog or knows me personally. 😀

Instead, I’d like you to consider joining with me to make a positive difference in the lives of other women.

I’ve decided to become a Compassionate Entrepreneur just to make that happen. Many of you know I’ve been looking for a product to sell on my blog that will make an impact on the lives of others. Unfortunately, everything seems to be about making money rather than helping others. Trades of Hope kind of fell into my lap through a facebook invitation. I was sold in about 3 minutes.

The products are beautiful and reasonably priced.

Hope Bowl

A bowl of hope. Who couldn’t use that? And it’s made out of copper wire.

What would you expect to pay for this? $32 like the similar one I found on another site?

It’s less. And not only that, 10% of the profit goes to safe houses to help women who are brought out of sex trafficking and the full asking price goes directly to the artisan.

I could us a bowl of hope. Figuratively and literally. Offer me the opportunity to buy a high-quality piece of decor at a reasonable price while helping victims of sex trafficking AND women trying to break the cycle of poverty, yeah, I’m in!

Not to mention the purses and jewelry.

So, instead of gifts or well-wishes for my birthday, would you consider purchasing yourself a gift and making the difference in the life of one of our sisters? You can view all of the products here. Please make sure you see my name centered at the top of the page!

If you would like to host your own online Trades of Hope party, please feel free to e-mail me at or leave me a message here! I’m so excited to get my partnership with Trades of Hope started!!!!



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