Too HOT for Coffee!


If we were having coffee, it would have to be iced! Very iced!

Temperatures have flamed back into the upper 90s here for Labor Day Weekend, and we are burning up.

Since I last wrote an “If we were having coffee…” post, we have sold a house without a realtor, bought a house, and are still living in the house that we care-take for. This weekend is our weekend to clean out the house we sold.

The house with no electricity to it. The house that WAS packed up, but after umpteen break-ins (seeming by kids mostly) all bags and boxes have been opened and dumped out in the floor.


Disaster doesn’t even come close to describing. I was beyond embarrassed when we called for help to move the piano out that someone had to see the inside. I mean, we didn’t leave the house like that, but gosh it is gross.


Saturday we traveled to Columbia, MO to watch the kiddos play with the MIZZOU marching band at the season opener.

98 degrees, sitting in the full sun, after walking one mile to the stadium, and what WAS a great experience was also dreadfully hot.

I grew up in a football town. I played in the band. Football is supposed to be cool to cold. Not nearing 100 and sweltering.

The picture with the title is me after we hiked the mile back to the car after the 3rd quarter. We just couldn’t sit and be miserable throughout the last quarter.

I would have loved a coffee then. ICED.

So, how has your Labor Day weekend been? Do you have summer temps still or are you edging into cooler fall temps?

If you fall into the later category, can I come have some coffee with YOU?


  • It’s still really hot here in NOLA, too. I’m accustomed to the football season starting in sweltering weather, but I suppose that’s part of living in the deepest of the deep South!

  • Oh, gosh. The weather’s gone mad. It was mild here in England, although rainy where I live in Hertfordshire.
    How horrible to have all your hard packing scattered around the house that way. So sorry that happened.

  • In the UK we don’t really go in for ostentatious displays before our sports events. We let the teams do the talking.

    However I love it when the bands cover this!