Tissues, Issues, and Love

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I'm taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words -3

Bayou Sweetheart by Lenora Worth is a  Christian Romance book. Let me recommend not only the book, but an entire box of tissues. Stayed up past midnight (which is very unusual for me) just to finish it and bawled through the last half. 

I judge books by two things: Can they make me laugh out loud or cry real tears. This one passes.

“When I came here, I thought I’d finally achieved all my goals. I thought I did have everything I’d ever wanted. But…I don’t have you. And I know I don’t deserve you, so you need to explain something to me, Callie. Why are you here?” Bayou Sweetheart by Lenora Worth

Two flawed characters. Emotionally scarred. Emotionally scared. Seemingly incapable of opening themselves up to romantic love again, Tomas Delacorte and Callie Moreau find themselves introduced by dancing in the rain.

Overcoming loss is a prevalent theme in this novel. These characters face the intentional loss of people walking away from them and the unintentional loss when people die. It is the overwhelming loss that has caused Tomas and Callie to become the guarded individuals they are when they meet each other.

Despite attempts by each of them to maintain professional space, ok, maybe Callie doesn’t really do professional space, they can’t seem to keep from being in the same place at the same time. Callie’s love for life seems to call out to some hidden recess in Tomas’ reclusive soul and before long he is pursuing her.

Callie might love life, but her past losses and betrayal run far too deep for her to take another chance with her heart. She has her family. She doesn’t need Tomas. 

Someone forgot to tell her heart and her family what her head keeps screaming, though.

If you’re an emotional reader, I’m not kidding, tissues will be a must. I’ve steered clear of the deep stuff, but there are health issues, mental health issues, and that’s on top of a love story. 

Five stars for a book that when I read the first page I thought I wouldn’t like. Turns out I found love on bayou.

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