#TheocentricThursdays Blog Hop Week 17

Welcome back to #TheocentricThursdays Blog Hop Week 17!

I know it should be week 18, but I was too busy last week to blog at all. So, here I am this week, hoping you all didn’t desert me, and praying that one of you is felling led to join this endeavor and be my co-host.

I am praying that God will send me a partner. Someone with vision and a heart to serve through the written word. Are you the person I’ve been praying for God to send?

Please send me a message if you have been praying about getting involved in a networking group for Christians. I’d LOVE to talk to you about the opportunity!!!



Make sure to follow ALL hosts and co-hosts blogs AND social media accounts. Let’s meet your hosts!

Carrie Ann Tripp is a sold-out, born again Jesus freak, wife of 18 years, mother to two teenagers involved in evMe in Kentuckyery sport/activity under the sun, MS/HS English teacher, HS Softball Coach, Youth Group Worker, Youth/Women’s Speaker, Blogger, Writer, Avid Reader, Lover of Schedules, Volunteer of more things than healthy, and all around CRAZY kinda girl! She loves a good challenge and isn’t afraid to stand up for her beliefs or the underdog. She writes because her mental health demands it. “I heal, I deal with hurt, I help through the written and spoken word. It is my love language.”

You can follow her blog, facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Google+, BlogLovin’, and various other places she pops up, but she’d be ecstatic if you’d start there!

Don’t forget to grab the button if you were featured this week!

TheocentricThursdays Featured Post

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Now it’s your turn! How has God been working in your life this week?

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