#TheocentricThursdays Blog Hop Week 10


Welcome back to #TheocentricThursdays Blog Hop Week 10! Thank you for being part of our community! The comments from many of you about the connections you are making through this blog hop are amazing! I have been blessed by so many of you commenting on my posts, e-mailing me, and contacting me on my social media. It is my hope that each of you are feeling blessed the same way by this community. Please continue to invite new bloggers to the circle!

I have found that asking someone to share their post is a compliment! If you read something that speaks to you in a blogging community or group, there’s a great chance someone else needs to hear that word too. Ask the author to share it with us. They will take it as a compliment. How do you feel when someone sends you a message saying your piece was just what they needed to hear today and they would like to share it? You will also be helping to reach someone who may not have been reached otherwise.

I also had a few complaints prior to last week that we were sending out e-mails to people who did not request e-mails. It is in the “rules” that you give permission for the hosts and co-hosts to e-mail you exclusively about #TheocentricThursdays Blog Hop. However, to make this even more clear, I have set up a MailChimp account for #TheocentricThursdays. I had issues operating MailChimp this week. Sigh. Sometimes even those of us well-versed in technology find ourselves technology challenged. I’m going to continue with MailChimp for now, but we’ll see. If it continues to be more work than it’s worth, I’ll go back to relying on the clause in the hop.

If you do not sign up for MailChimp correspondence, you won’t be getting correspondence. This means if you receive the most likes on your post, I can’t e-mail you information about being the featured post or co-host. Here is the link so you can sign up: http://eepurl.com/bs7lWz. Make sure you add us to you contacts! Please know it is not in my nature to bombard anyone with junk mail. If I have in any way violated your privacy, it was absolutely unintentional and without intent to harm.

Make sure to follow ALL hosts and co-hosts blogs AND social media accounts. Let’s meet your hosts!


Carrie Ann Tripp is a sold-out, born again Jesus freak, wife of 18 years, mother to two teenagers involved in evMe in Kentuckyery sport/activity under the sun, MS/HS English teacher, HS Softball Coach, Youth Group Worker, Youth/Women’s Speaker, Blogger, Writer, Avid Reader, Lover of Schedules, Volunteer of more things than healthy, and all around CRAZY kinda girl! She loves a good challenge and isn’t afraid to stand up for her beliefs or the underdog. She writes because her mental health demands it. “I heal, I deal with hurt, I help through the written and spoken word. It is my love language.”

You can follow her blog, facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Google+, BlogLovin’, and various other places she pops up, but she’d be ecstatic if you’d start there!


This week’s featured post comes to us from Marilyn Stewart on her blog Looking Beyond Yesterday. Her post, “Seeds of Trust“, deals with an age that many mommy bloggers don’t seem to talk about. If you’re raising kids, have raised kids, or thinking about raising kids, make sure you check this one out!



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  • Thanks so much for hosting this! A week or so ago you emailed me about being featured. Sorry I was on a business trip and then on vacation without my computer.

    Also, I was going to visit the blogs before me on the blog hop but all I can see is mine as #1.


    • Hi, Eva! Thank you so much for being part of our community! I think that’s the week no one could co-host. It worked out just fine, though.

      When you are the 1st or 2nd link of the week, you should comment on the last two links from the previous week so that they also get two comments. I believe week 9 in at the very bottom of this post.

      🙂 Thank you for being a faithful participant!!!!!

    • Eva,

      I think I just accidentally deleted a reply from you with my spam. Did you respond after this? I’m so sorry!

      Carrie Ann

  • one of these days i’m going to get up the courage to post something for the blog hop 😀

  • I also had a few complaints prior to last week that we were sending out e-mails to people who did not request e-mails. It is in the rules that you give permission for the hosts and co-hosts to e-mail you exclusively about #TheocentricThursdays Blog Hop.