“The Rancher’s Runaway Princess” by Donna Alward

Brody and Lucy’s story is the best book I’ve read all week!!!!
Author Donna Alward strikes out on a questionable trail introducing Princess Luciana to ranch owner Brody Hamilton. The title “The Rancher’s Runaway Princess” immediately left me skeptical, but the author’s name lured me to make the purchase. I was NOT disappointed!
Brody and Lucy are both trying to hide from their past, suffer through their present, and pretend to build the best future for themselves they can…based on their current circumstances. Both hero and heroine have been hurt by those who they loved most, especially their own parents. Or was it them that hurt their parents?
A frustrating, realistic telling of two stubborn old (ok, not so old) mules butting heads time and time again, only to come to the conclusion everyone around them already knew. They are two peas from the same pod.