The Prayer Bible for Children Review

A prayer Bible for kids? What might that look like? Are kids capable of utilizing a prayer Bible?

When this product came through my e-mail, I was intrigued. I work with preteens all day everyday. I’ve taught all ages of Sunday school, volunteered at Bible camps, and raised my own two kids. Could a student effectively use a prayer Bible?

When I open the package with this Bible, my college-aged daughter was home for Christmas break. As soon as she grabbed the Bible from me, she said, “Cover design gets a 10/10.”

Apparently the deep blue with gold hot-air balloons are visually stimulating to college-aged children. I found the design to be a little overwhelming and not biblically based.

The cover of the Prayer Journal matches it fully.

So, the Bible is a regular Bible. It is International Children’s Bible translation. The print is large enough I can pretty much read it without my glasses. ;P

It contains Q&A pages, poem prayers, and prayer articles. 


The prayer journal is a blank book for students to write. What a powerful tool for students to use today and have to reflect upon later in life!!!!!

So, my personal opinion is that this Bible is very student friendly. It is also very economical for a hardback Bible!

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Key Selling Points ICB translation is

  • the translation specifically written for young children
  • The emphasis on prayer throughout the Bible is evergreen, compelling, and unique
  • Value-add of prayer journal included with purchase Pocket in the back of the Bible to hold the prayer journal

Summary The Prayer Bible for Children helps children develop a heart for prayer and learn the Bible through the popular ICB translation, the simple translation children can read and understand.  Special pages throughout the text highlight the most famous and beloved prayers featured in the Bible. From Abraham’s prayers to the Lord to Jesus praying before his crucifixion to the way Paul prayed for the churches he planted, this Bible will teach young readers about a God who loves to hear from His children and loves answering prayers. This Bible includes a pocket with a prayer journal for children to record their own prayers.

Special features include 160 pages of prayer articles throughout the text and 64 four-color pages featuring poem prayers, Scripture prayers and engaging Kids’ Q&A’s. The full page prayer articles will help children learn how to pray, to not fear prayer, and to see within the Word how and when God’s people prayed. The colorful decorative pages will feature kid-friendly scripture prayers, topical poem prayers and fun questions and answers kids have about prayer. As a value-add, the Bible comes with a prayer journal and a handy pocket on the back flap to carry the prayer journal.

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