The Green Beast

Well, yes, right now is a life bringing lemons moment, but even in the midst of it all I can find something to be ecstatic about.

Yep, there she is in all her glory sitting on my front porch! My “new” pea green FULL SIZE refrigerator!!!! YAY!

This is the dorm sized refrigerator that we have been using since moving into the farmhouse May 2008.

We own a full-size refrigerator…it’s still in the other house. Double doors, ice-maker, and water dispenser…just won’t fit through the door here. I have begged and pleaded for my refrigerator. It has been my only “gift” request for every holiday since we moved here.

When Chris told me last night he’d be late tonight because of a surprise, well, I was a little upset. I thought he was going to his friends to buy a saddle. We SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO can’t afford a saddle right now.

And, instead, he shows up with a free, full-size refrigerator! YAY! Right on time too! There’ll be no eating out for us for a while!