Tasty Tuesday Smoothie 

Three months I’ve struggled with the taste of the pea protein shakes. I ? peas, but the protein form just isn’t my beverage of choice   

Alternatively, the liquid collagen I’ve been drinking daily for the last 3 weeks tastes AAAAAMMAAAAAAZZZZING! I could pour a large glass and guzzle it. 

This week I added a product to help slim & tone. It tastes lemony and has the consistency of unset lemon pie filling. It’s not bad. Unless I think about the consistency. Yes, I’m a tad OCD. 

Last night I decided I would be starting this week a little differently. I am going to enjoy my protein shake rather than endure it. 

Plans must be made. 

3 products: protein, collagen, and trim blended with Oikos Zero yogurt, half a frozen banana, and 1/3 cup frozen berries. 

I can’t wait for my tasty Tuesday smoothie full of goodness!!! Since when has healthy tasted so good?!?!