Spread a Little Heavenly Joy

With all of the junk being posted in and on social media lately, I’m being extra careful about what I click on. But when I saw the link singing praises of a five year old girl proclaiming Jesus from the stage of America’s Got Talent I had to check it out.

Mind you, I expected to find negativity. Religion bashing. The horrible hate comments that are flying faster than time itself. I didn’t expect the article to contain information supporting Christianity or presenting it in a positive light. Maybe neutrality at best, but nothing positive.

Imagine my surprise when the judges respond favorable to the child’s response about how she would use the money if she won the whole competition. As an adult I’ve shared similar ideas of what I might use a large sum of money to accomplish if I were to find myself in possession of millions. Everyone scoffs. No one believes that someone would spend any, let alone the majority, of the money on people that aren’t in any way, shape or form related to the owner. It just doesn’t make sense. It isn’t done.

So eventually I keep my mouth shut. Keep my hopes and dreams locked deep inside where only God and I know they exist. Where naysayers can’t get to them to rip them to shreds.

But I watch this video and I see a cool, calm, collected five year old who is overflowing with joy.

Did you read that?

How can a five year old be all of those adjectives at once? Five doesn’t go with calm or collected. Calm and collected definitely don’t go with overflowing with joy.

One name: Jesus.

Jesus lives inside of her.

I’m put to shame.

That same Jesus lives in me.

Shouldn’t all of us be as clear, concise, and intentional as this five year old, Heavenly Joy? At no point in that video do her answers seem rehearsed or coached. I can’t imagine anyone accusing her of being filled with hate or being overly judgmental. And yet she didn’t back down from who she is in Christ. She didn’t try to hide it or disguise it. She didn’t apologize for her beliefs. She didn’t present herself in a confrontational manner.

Heavenly Joy radiated peace, love and joy.

Isn’t that what we’re all supposed to be doing?