Speaking About Networking

Me in KentuckyToday I am hosting a little get together on my facebook page. It is for any and all Christian bloggers to do a little networking.

Here we go, Christian Bloggers!

Posted by Carrie Ann Tripp Author & Speaker on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I’m looking specifically during the month of August to book two speaking engagements for the months November, December, January, and February. While I can speak on many topics as they relate to scripture and practical application, my testimony and heart lie within reaching out to those who struggle with overcoming some kind of negative emotion, especially that of being less. I have a heart to encourage and empower others to seek Jesus as their inspiration and power source as they embrace the dream and desire God has placed within them.

If your organization (small group, special event, youth group, Bible study group, etc.) is looking for someone to add energy, hope, and motivation to a stagnant body, I would love the opportunity to come speak the Word as God has called me to do to your group. You can contact me at mrs_tripp@hotmail.com if you would like more information!

For now, I’d love it if we could just share some good ole fashioned networking.

Have a blessed Tuesday!


  • Hi Carrie,
    Hope you get some leads and speaking engagements out of this! I so admire your directness and spunk!
    This morning I found a surprise in my inbox. I had asked several weeks ago for a Lions Club contact to pass on the email addresses of all the Lions Club groups in the area. She seemed to just ignore it. This morning, she did one better. She told them I was a speaker to a big event (Dinner in the Dark), she endorsed me and provided my website and told them to contact me. I hope I hear back.
    Blessings to you!

  • i pray that a LOT of good blessings comes forth your way with speaking engagements in Jesus’ name!

  • This is such a good idea. I hope it generate interest.

  • We all need to learn to deflect negativity when t comes!

  • Networking should be viewed as a process of building relationships that get incorporated into the fabric of life — both your professional and personal life. Networking is about being genuine, not fake.