Sometimes Pirates Wear Dresses 

I’m blogging all month on Health & Wellness. I’m on a journey to personal health. 

Health and Wellness looks different for each of us, though. 

Some of us are chasing healthier versions of ourselves while others are trying to find their way out of something many of us would simply refer to as evil. 

And today, and the whole month of December (#Dressember), it is for them I speak. 

Every day in #Dressember I will be wearing a dress to draw attention to modern day human slavery and sex trafficking. I am doing this to raise awareness and money to stop this specific brand of evil. 

Where Does the Money Go?

This information is taken from the Dressember website:

“Dressember participants help spread awareness about a world issue by committing to the challenge of wearing dresses all month. All month, those who participate spread the word about what they’re doing and why, compelling many others in their lives to contribute to the cause by making a monetary contribution. Dressember is giving 80% of proceeds to International Justice Mission, A21, and McMahon Ryan in its 2017 camaign. 20% is retained for administrative, technological, and marketing expenses (almost 5% immediately goes toward credit card processing fees!). This is standard for 501c3 nonprofit organizations, and we are proud of our relatively low retention percentage.”

How Can I Help?

  1. Be informed. Don’t believe the lies that human sex-trafficking isn’t happening or effecting your community. This plight belongs to all of us. 
  2. Purchase items manufactured under Fair Trade principles. The company I am a Compassionate Entrepreneur for (Trades of Hope) is one example. 
  3. Donate. You can support my team and personal goal by donating on this link. Want to sponsor a ? that I’ll wear one of the 31 days? Make a $50 donation and then send me the dress you’d like for me to wear! (The dress must fit me appropriately.)
  4. Join our team!!! You can do so HERE. We are The Pirate Crew. Once you’re on our page you can JOIN TEAM

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  • Unfortunately sex slaves are everywhere. We live in a tourist town and when runaways end up here, this is how they end up. One wouldn’t think in this day and age it still goes on.

    • We live in a very small, rural community and I think everyone was rocked a little over a year ago when a couple with a toddler was arrested for human trafficking. One victim escaped. Others weren’t as lucky. No one thought something of that magnitude could touch our communities.

      It is our responsibility to educate and activate.

  • Wow. This is eye-opening. Thank you for drawing attention to such an important issue.

  • This makes my heart SO sick, crushed, broken for all of those innocent souls who are captive in such evil. Thank you for being a voice for them and making a difference!

    • Chris,

      When our hearts and eyes are opened and broken for what we see around us, we can begin to address it and change our ?. Please consider joining or starting your own #Dressember team!