Smart Score or Dumb Score?

It seems I’ve crossed a line. Perhaps even gone over the ledge. Who really assesses their own health by the color of urine and the consistency of fecal matter?!??

Yes, this is what I’ve become. A litmus test of health based on bodily excrements. Gross!!!!

So imagine my excitement when the Smart Score Evaluation rolled out this weekend! Now I can assess my, and everyone else I know, health based on harsh chemicals I use daily. Also, I can see how many warning labels that I’ve never paid attention to are on the products I use. 

**The Smart Score Evaluation is only available through a Social Marketer like myself. If you’d like to know your score, let me know!**

How many reasons do I have to go CLEAN in my product use??

179 + 9

And my number is lower than most I’ve seen. 

Families Already Making the Shift

What does that mean? It means before I made the shift I was using 179 harsh chemicals in my house on a daily basis. One. Hundred. Seventy. Nine. 


Ones that aren’t even considered by the company I’m now using to replace those products. 

Products that I let touch my own children’s skin. 

Yuck. Yuck. Yuck!

What’s your Smart Score? I’d love to show you just how many reasons you have to make the shift!


  • I’m not sure I would buy (in oh, so many, ways) the concept.

    • Roy,
      I’m intrigued! May I ask for one of the ways??? I’ve been working on a clean lifestyle long before I heard of this company (herbs, essential oils, making my own cleaning supplies, etc.), so I’m curious why someone would be opposed to clean living!

  • When I followed that link from your page, I saw nothing that led me to the Smart Score sheet you featured in your post. I don’t have time to dig and don’t want to register for a site. I’m also not rich enough to through out all the products I already have and replace them. As I run out I am trying healthier options where I know they exist. Most of my cleaning products were purchased through another company that makes them safe.

    • Hi, Barbara! Sorry for the confusion. The only way to use the score sheet is with a Social Marketer like myself. There isn’t an online version at this time.

      I don’t know many people able to waste money by throwing everything out. I’m doing the same as you! Replacing with better choices. I’ve been working on that for about 4 years now. We’ll get there eventually!