Should My Armpits Smell This Bad?

Armpits. We all have a pair.

Some of us shave ’em. Some of us don’t.

Some of us slather them with great smelling antiperspirant, and some of us stick to deodorant. Perhaps some of us choose to wear none at all. ?

Several years ago I heard from a cancer survivor that I needed to make sure aluminum wasn’t listed on my deodorant ingredient list. I was already dabbling in holistic treatments and living, so I did the research and tried to give up the aluminum.

But I was already using a “special” deodorant to curb my excessive sweaty pits. I mean really, should my shirts all have serious, permanent sweat stains after 1 wear?!?!

I quickly moved back to the name brand, antiperspirant/deodorant combo I’d been using for years.

Fast forward ten years. (How can ten years have passed in just a few weeks?!?!)

Now I’m switching to a CLEAN product line. I’m changing laundry detergents, dishwashing detergents, air freshener, skincare products, and health products. I’m brushing & rinsing my teeth with amazingly clean products. So, of course, I also try the deodorant.

Clean deodorant. Antiperspirant-less deodorant. No stick-form deodorant.

It’s as clean as clean gets.

I want to go CLEAN. Or green, if you prefer. But I don’t want to stink like armpits 24/7.

I try the deodorant. Yes, I carry the spare harsh chemical filled deodorant/antiperspirant in my purse just in case I’m struck with an armpit stink bomb. But I don’t use my emergency stash.

I keep asking myself, which is the lesser of 2 evils:

Ingesting harsh chemicals straight into my armpit pores OR having slightly smelly armpits at the end of the day?

I’m 2 months in. My armpits straight up stink when I get home from work. But guess what I do? Put on some deodorant and finish my day fresh and CLEAN.

It’s different. The rollerball bottle? Putting a wet product on the pits I want to stay dry?

It’s also good for me. It also makes me feel good about the choices I’m making.

I don’t leave my house wearing deodorant that overpowers my perfume. I leave my house CLEAN.

I have no clear evidence to present you on the aluminum products in antiperspirants leading to breast cancer. I’ve provided a link to one of the most recent articles below. I’m not a doctor. I know only what I research myself. With cancer running ? rampant in my family, I’m going to make educated choices that will extend my life-expectancy and quality of life.

If you’d like to try this product or any other CLEAN product, I’d love ❤️ to give you a $10 gift card towards your first purchase. This will cover your deodorant with a little extra towards something else. ?


  • Oh wow! That was such an educational piece. I really need to start reading the ingredients mentioned on…well…all the products I use!

    • Preeti,

      It is amazing the products we use simply out of habit. When one truly starts looking at what we’re putting IN our body, it’s scary! It’s also addictive. I’d love to offer suggestions if you have any specific products you’re wondering about. Thank you so much for dropping in and commenting!


  • Emily Augustine-Muia

    Thank you for this great information. You made it entertaining and educational. I wish this “clean” products were regulated so we all knew what was really “clean” and what isn’t (and they just say it is). Cheers!

  • Great blog, it’s scary when there are so many ingredients listed on a product and we have not a clue as to what it is. I make deodorant from essential oils and water. Tea Tree is a good one and also lavender.

    • Yes, Martha! I have intended to make my own from EOs for several years. I just don’t have time. I’m so glad I found a product that is made from EOs and that is still affordable!

  • Now this is just neat. I didn’t realize this kind of product was available. I made the switch to just plain deodorant a few years ago. I haven’t missed the antiperspirant at all, even when it’s hot and muggy out. It did take a little getting used to, though. It’s hard to beat Old Spice for the value, but what you’ve posted about certainly has a less scary looking ingredient list.

    • Lucien,

      I am so glad I’ve found a better choice product. I CAN afford them because I can’t afford to have health issues.

      • Which is such a great way of looking at it. I thought I was doing well to just do a little better (dropping antiperspirant). Might be time to do a little better, still. Thanks!