She Reads Truth:Book Review 

It’s here!!!!

I haven’t done a Bible review in a while, and I am ecstatic I was chosen to do this one! The first time I ever agreed to do a Bible review I felt kind of weird about it. 

It’s a Bible. God’s Word. Who am I to write a review on God’s Word?!?!

But it turned out to be an awesome experience. So, when I find myself really, really missing a Bible study group, an opportunity to review a women’s study 📖 Bible presented itself, yeah, I jumped on board. 

As I opened the shipping package, my first impression was of the color. It wasn’t black or burgundy, but a bright, yet calming, tangerine. 

It looks approachable, rather than authoritative. 

It is hardcover, which worries me. Only because the binding might break with above average use and then pages fall out. I speak from experience with a study Bible I had in the past. It literally looked like I had abused it by the time I sadly retired it. 

Once I fanned the pages to prepare the binding, I randomly opened the Bible to a passage. 

And I’m immediately drawn to the margins. I can take notes!!! It appears there will be plenty of room for notes, references, or journaling. For those students who ❤️ to interact with the text, this is a great feature!

It also happens that my random flip lands me on a page with a devotion. Does it matter that I don’t have time to dig into the scripture? No! I’m reading it!

The devotion is titled, “Give Thanks in Sorrow” and reflects on Psalm 31. And, it was definitely in season. Great hope is shared through the idea 💡 that God doesn’t expect us to silence our sorrow. 

Each book begins with a beautifully scripted verse. I could just reflect on one of these visual representations for quite some time. Or, if it wasn’t a Bible, cut them out and frame them for my office. 

I also ❤️ the reading plan at the beginning of each book. 

Each book is broken down into how many weeks it will take to read it: 4 weeks for Ezekiel. Then each week is broken down into five reading sessions with boxes to check off at completion. 

Easy peasy and all in one place. I don’t have to go back and forth between a reading guide, devotion book, journal, and Bible. 

I could go on and on about this study Bible, but until you have it in your own hands you won’t know. So, please follow this link to enter to win your own copy or this link to purchase one!

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Product description: The She Reads Truth Bible aims to live at the intersection of beauty, goodness, and Truth. Featuring devotionals by the She Reads Truth team, and Scripture reading plans that include supplemental passages for deeper understanding, this Bible invites every woman to count themselves among the She Reads Truth community of “Women in the Word of God every day.” The She Reads Truth Bible also features 66 key verses, artfully lettered to aid in Scripture memorization. 
Features include: almost 200 devotionals, 66 artist-designed key verses, 35 full-color timelines, 20 full-color maps, 11 full-color charts, reading plans for every book of the Bible, one-year Bible reading plan, detailed book introductions, key verse list, carefully curated topical index, smyth-sewn binding, two colored ribbon markers, and wide margins for journaling and note-taking. 

Here is a purchase link.

I was given this Bible to review for B&H Publishing by FrontGate Media. While I was given the Bible for free all thoughts and opinions are my own.