School Lunch: To Pack or Buy?


Packing school lunches.


As a child I never packed a lunch. We always had the school lunch. Some years we qualified for reduced price lunches, so school lunch was always a must.

Now I’m a parent and a teacher and things haven’t changed a lot.

My kids hate school lunches. So one packs their lunch and the other eats at school and complains.

I, on the other hand, manage to pack my lunch when I’m on a specific diet and eat school lunches if I’m not. I typically have a pretty big lunch bill at the end of the year.

If I’m packing my lunch, though, I like to take a relatively well-balanced selection.

I like to pack thin sliced turkey, some kind of whole grain crackers, and low-fat pepper-jack cheese to make “sandwiches”. A small salad or veggies in a ziplock bag for the vegetable portion and then some fruit. Lots of fruit! 😀 I also like to bring a yogurt with some granola or dried fruit to mix in.

I wish I had the gumption, energy, er whatever I lack, to pack my lunch everyday. I like “my” lunches way better than school lunches, but I never take the time to buy food or pack leftovers. Perhaps I could ask for a lunch fairy for Christmas!

What about you? Do you pack lunches or buy the lunch trays? Why?


This post is part of Blogher NaBloPoMo September edition. I have encouraged my students to write along with me each day!