School Buses, Stop Lights, & Slow Pokes

It was a morning like most other mornings. 

5 AM walk to get my steps in. 

6 AM shower, primp, make my morning goodness smoothie. 

6:40 AM running on time out the door. 

6:45 AM behind a ?? I never get behind school buses this time of the morning. 

Yep. School bus. 

And it’s making stops. 


Ah! It’s turning onto a side street!


6:50 AM stoplight turns red on car I’m behind. For real? 

6:52 AM stoplight becomes a go-light. 

Car! Go, car! ? 

Car in front of me pulls forward at the turtle high-speed of 10. Yes, 10 mph. 

What is happening here?!?! I left the ? on time. I can’t possibly be running late. 

Car!!! GO, CAR!

I give up. It’s meant for me to be late. There’s no reason I should be late. 

This is why you shouldn’t schedule meetings for the exact moment you’re supposed to get to work!