Roughage Moves You 

There are two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble. Both types have health benefits. It is recommended that women get approximately 25 g of fiber each day and men approximately 38 g.

Those grams help keep our intestines clean and moving. They also help reduce cholesterol, regulate sugar intake, and protect against weight gain.

Fiber is found in many fruits, Vegetables, and legumes. In some cases, the skin of the fruit or vegetable houses the item’s fiber. Root vegetable skins or one example. So, instead of peeling everything, we should wash the skin and then cook the vegetable with the skin on. Nuts, seeds, beans, and whole wheat products are also good sources of fiber.

Fiber intake should begin at breakfast. Fiber helps you feel full, so when you eat a high-fiber breakfast it helps keep you feeling full all day. Fiber should be part of all meals and snacks throughout the day. If you’re taking a fiber supplement, taking it before eating or keep you from over-eating.

Fiber is best taken in its purest form. However, the American diet is not typical for reaching the suggested daily fiber requirement. So, you may consider using a fiber supplement.

Are you getting the recommended grams of fiber each day? Or do you, like many of us, need to increase your daily fiber intake?


  • Carrie Ann, I’m visiting from the UBC. What a perfect brief piece on roughage. Thanks! I’m sharing.

  • Clear, very informative; both types of roughage are very important; most people don’t realize it.

  • I haven’t been counting, but I’m moving as I should most of the time. I get a lot of fiber at breakfast from fruit, nuts, and whole grains. I often have a salad as my main meal. I snack on fruit and nuts most days.

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    It is visible nowhere. Even when I enter the exact address in Google search box, results do not show mine. Can anyone help me with why this is happening?

  • Fiber, it does a body good! Just remember for people on a standard American diet, introduce gradually or you’ll be bloated in no time! I do well with a digestive enzyme to help me with healthy fiber foods.