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Well, after writing several book reviews, I have decided to try my hand at a product review. You will have to overlook some of the photo quality. The photographer in the family said they were awful and they could redo them later this week, but alas, the post needs to be up in time for #BadHairDay!
Talking myself and two teenagers into using the Knot Genie wasn’t a problem at all. Convincing any of us to do before and after pictures? Well, the results are knot amazing.

Hey, come on, that was a little punny!

When I received the Knot Genie, I was a little surprised by how small the package was. How did a hair brush fit in there?
Well, for starters, the Knot Genie comes in a small, cute box. It fits because it is a handleless brush.
wpid-20150406_085051_7_bestshot.jpg         wpid-20150406_084938_3_bestshot.jpg
Every member of our home has thick, course hair. Depending on the weather, conditions, and daily activities, knots and unruly hair determine the attitudes of most of our mornings. A miracle brush really would help!
We have a seventeen-year-old son who will use whatever comb or brush someone else left where he can find. We have an sixteen-year-old daughter who has used the same brand and bristled brush since she was three. They are occasionally difficult to find, and if you think you’ve found something that its the same–it’s not.
Then you have a thirty-something mom, who only does low-maintenance, and uses a brush that matches the current style to tame a mane that can quickly become an afro.
Since I got us into this, I went first.
I was SUPER excited to post pre-hair and make-up pics of myself on the web! 😀
I used the brush on dry, unstyled hair. Since I have a side part, I started with the right side which has less hair. It wasn’t as thick or unruly.
The first thing I noticed as I dragged the brush through my hair is that it pulled easily. However, not having a handle was a little odd. It didn’t take many passes through my hair before it was super shiny. Shine is not a normal descriptor for my hair. Try dull and lifeless.
Right side after brushed with the Knot Genie.
Right side after brushed with the Knot Genie.
I was very impressed with how shiny and healthy my hair looked without any products, however, I was a little disappointed with how full it still was.
Then I moved on to the left side. The heavy side. The crazy side.
Left side after brushed with the Knot Genie.
Left side after brushed with the Knot Genie.
As you can see, the left side is also shiny, but it remained “crazy”. I would not be able to brush my hair and go without doing something else with it. With my hairbrush now, I can occasionally style my hair while brushing it. That would not be a possibility for me with this flat brush.
Now, my son tried the brush next. He had a ball cap on to cover up crazy product-filled hair that he hadn’t washed yet. He took a before pic, but when I came back in the room my husband said he refused to do the after picture.
Apparently he felt that he could do the same thing with his fingers and he wouldn’t go out in public either way. Therefore he would not be letting me post before and after pictures for the whole world to see. I did convince him to remove the cap so I could see.
His hair was not as shiny as mine (due to the leftover product), but there did not appear to be any large remainders of product left. His hair was also laying down in a very presentable way. Teenagers–do embarrassing things for effect all the time but not for a purpose.
All day ponytail before Knot Genie picture.
All day ponytail before Knot Genie picture.
My daughter has extremely thick hair and is even more picky. She used the brush because I made her. I read the blurbs off the box hoping to inspire and encourage her.
As I read, I could hear the brush ripping through the knots in her hair. She also complained continuously that the brush was taking longer than usual, not less time.
However, when she finished the right side my husband responded with a “Wow! Look how shiny and full her hair is!”
I told him the brush had made mine just as shiny this morning before I headed out.
Detangeld and shiny after the Knot Genie!
About that time the bristles caught my daughter’s fingers after she dragged it through a knot and she said, “And it hurts your fingers!”
She is really partial to the brush type she has. I have no idea why. I think it’s a textural thing.
So, overall the good outweighs the bad!
Bristles are bent after one day of use. How long will it last?
Hurt finger when pulling through knots.
Takes longer than usual.


Leaves hair very shiny.
Leaves hair full.
Goes through knots relatively easily.
The hair the brush pulled cleaned out of the brush super easily.
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  • My worst hair day was our senior prom! I didn’t get my regular stylist, and the girl that did it made my hair foufy and curly and huge and unrecognizable. I went home, cried and yelled, and combed it all out! LOL