Reflecting Christ in Coffee and Products

Coffee IHOP July 9, 2015


That’s the size coffee I’m drinking this morning.

I had intended on sleeping until noon. Instead, I was awake with the hunters dressing and the outside dog barking before 5 AM.

I *tried* to go back to sleep.

You know how that works. Before I could convince my brain and body to get back in sync, the sun was streaming through the only window in the house without a blind.

I finally gave up. At 7:45. And went straight to the Tassimo.

If I can’t sleep, it’s time to work on goals.

I am sooo close to two goals, right now. So close!

Let me share the most time critical one with you over coffee? If we were having coffee, this IS what I’d want to talk about today.R

I signed up to become a Compassionate Entrepreneur with Trades of Hope September 17th of this year. If you aren’t familiar with Trades of Hope, then you can check out the mission here.

I have always wanted to be a full-time missionary. But I chose a life path that doesn’t lend itself to that option.

I have said since I started blogging that I would use my words to point others to Christ and spread His love. I have also said that I want a product that reflects the love of Christ to sell on my blog. I have had many opportunities to sell things on my blog, but all simply seemed like a way to make money, not a way to reflect my heart and help others.

And then my sister had an online Trades of Hope party. Well, as soon as I read the mission, I didn’t wait to “attend” her party. I contacted the rep and said, “How do I get signed up? Can I sell this on my blog?”

So, now I have a product to sell that directly empowers women and families in poverty to rise from the ashes and become made new. And I had a 60 day goal. Those 60 days end on the 17th of this month.

The product and the mission sell themselves, but I am struggling to get people to let me introduce them. I am $165 away from my 60 goal.

Based on my last two orders, that’s one person placing an order. But I’m out of people to ask.

So, to the blog it is. The one place I intended to showcase these beautiful artisans and haven’t yet.

The Peace Special ends tomorrow. If I could sell TWO of these, I would be at my goal. Everyone could use a little PEACE in their holidays, and this peace is B-YOO-TEE-FUL!

Peace Sale untl Nov 15 20151023_132508

Want to earn your peace and additional products for FREE? I’d be honored to introduce you an your friends to our artisans!!!!

I’m all about EVERYONE, artisans, customers, and employees having PEACE this holiday season.

So, while your enjoying sipping your coffee at our #weekendcoffeeshare, please feel free to peruse and ask any questions you may have!