Red Wine For the Win

This post may surprise those who know me personally. There are a lot of things about myself that I don’t advertise. Today I’m going to talk about one of those things: alcohol.


I may be Baptist, but I am not against individuals drinking alcohol. Never have been. Might change my mind someday, but doubt it. 

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about health. 

Many have been asking me what diet I’m following. I don’t like the word diet. Too many negative connotations. So, I struggle to answer that question. 

I’m mainly eating foods from the Mediterranean style diet. This isn’t a lose weight diet plan. It’s the lifestyle people in the Mediterranean live. It’s not about counting calories (although I’m doing some of that since I’m trying to lose weight.) or not eating specific things. 

It is very similar to the Whole Foods Lifestyle (See link below.)

One of the most exciting things about this for me is that the “diet” encourages one glass of red wine ? per day. Woot woot!


Because red wine is GOOD for you. 

Heart issues? Red Wine

Type 2 Diabetes? Red Wine

Obese? Red Wine 

Cancer Prevention? Red Wine 

Cholesterol? Red Wine 

Should I go on?

The thing (for lack of the correct term) that makes red wine so beneficial is resveratrol

Can You Get Resveratrol Without Wine?

Yes. I get additional resveratrol each day through supplements. (I am selling these supplements and would ❤️ to get a gift card to you!)

You can find them in the skin of red grapes. 

So, if you are opposed to alcohol consumption, or a recovering addict, you can still get the benefits of resveratrol

Why am I writing about this today? Well, apparently October 15th is Red Wine Day. If we’re going to celebrate it, then we should understand why it’s beneficial!

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