Permission Granted!

I can’t believe it’s already Saturday. Monday was our last contracted day for staff of the 2014/2015 school year. It also turned out to be Cam’s only “real” day off for the summer.

Five days were all I had to hang out with both my kiddos before one sets off on a grand adventure and what did we do together? We had lunch together on Monday and supper as a whole family a couple nights.

How has this week gone by so fast?

Tomorrow morning Chris and I will drop Lil off at Missouri Scholars Academy at MIZZOU for 21 days. She has spent her week cramming in two dentist appointments, last minute shopping, and trying to clean her room in case we would have to show the house (or even pack and move) while she is gone.

Cam already had a part-time job lined up before school got out. He mostly works weekends at Baylee Jo’s BBQ as a host. Well, Chris got a call Sunday wanting to know if Cam would be interested in a temporary full-time job. He accepted it on Monday evening, so Tuesday morning he started a 40 hour week job on top of his part-time weekend job. He gets up at 5 AM to be out the door in time.

Yes, this is how our only week of June together has gone so fast.

If we were having coffee this morning, I’d tell you time flies whether you’re having fun or not. Sure, it seems to take much longer when you’re sitting staring at a clock waiting for the time to do something “fun” than it does when you’re out doing fun, but it goes just as fast when you doing things you don’t want to do.

Yesterday after I took Lil to the last dentist appointment before she leaves, I had to run to school to be trained on a program for summer school. I dropped her off at home to work in her bedroom and said, “I’m leaving the gate unlocked. I’ll only be gone about half an hour.”

Except after I attended the training I decided to finish cleaning out the cabinet in my classroom that I had started earlier in the week. See this was my 8th year teaching in the same classroom. Every year since I’ve started teaching I’ve cleaned out a different filing cabinet drawer, a different bookshelf, a different storage cabinet, well, as much as I’ve been allowed.

This summer my classroom is being painted. That means I had to pack up EVERYTHING–including the hundreds (thousands?) of books meticulously sorted and stored on the cubby-like storage cubes attached to the back wall. And the additional hundreds of text books that won’t fit on shelves or in my cabinets that usually get stacked on top of my tall cabinet attached to the wall.


Bookshelf is now removed as it is EMPTY! 🙂

I set in with the intention of finishing the purging of the shelf in that tall cabinet I had started, putting everything away that I was keeping from that shelf, and then cleaning off the small bookshelf behind my desk and my desk.

Around 1:00 Cam texted me to see what was for lunch since Friday was his early off day. I texted back same as always–whatever we had at home. Not long after that he asked to go hang out with a friend.

At 4:00 I called and asked him why I just got a notification he was at school. Did I need to come let him in? He asked why I was still there and how long I was going to stay.

I finished packing everything away around 5:00.


It took me a lot of hours this week to get this done. Granted I only spent one hour here, two hours another day, and then 9-5 straight through yesterday, but it all adds up. Most of the “collection” in that room had been there since before I graduated high school. Even looking at the graphics and heavy-lined sketches of what middle school students should look like on the overheads and worksheets made me cringe. My kiddos would not relate.

I finally gave myself permission to set myself free from “what if”.


  • What if that book is a timeless teaching tool and I just don’t know it?
  • What if I need that as soon as I get rid of it?
  • What if that was something that was supposed to stay in this room?
  • What if that is an important piece of history? Worth untold wealth?
  • What if that belonged to someone whose adult child would want it? Should I track them down?
  • What if the person who gets this classroom after me would need that?
  • What if, what if, what if…What if

I still kept a lot I should have gotten rid of, but the amount that went out, all from that tall cabinet, is unbelievable. Like I don’t even know how it all could have fit in there.

If insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, I’m pleased to say I’m not insane. I’ve been working hard to do things different. Now, if I can just take those lessons and apply them to a couple other areas of my life!

So, what have you given yourself permission to set yourself free from lately? Time is flying by. Don’t miss life being held captive by something you’ve chained yourself to that you hate!

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  • When I taught at a year round school, I taught three months then was off for a month. That meant that every three months I had to pack up my classroom so the teacher using it for the month would have room for their things. What a pain in the neck!

    Then when I changed schools, there was one night that my son (who was in college at the time) and I spent the night in my classroom packing it up. We got there around 8 pm and didn’t leave until 6 am when we home, he to sleep and me to change and come back by 7:40 to teach!

    • Someone came in to teach for just one month? I don’t mind sharing a room. I had to use another teacher’s room one hour a day this year, but that packing up every the months just for one month sounds like a logistical nightmare!

  • OH I bet that was sooo hard to clean out all those books Carrie!! What a grueling long hard task… but you are so right about the freedom it brings!! I need to actually do that with my closet… I say the same things about these clothes that I never wear… “What if I will want or need them in the future?” “They may fit in a year or two!” “I never wore this once, but it’s so pretty, I just may want to wear it soon!”

    LET. IT. GO.

    I’d like to clean out a bit of other areas of my own life as well… so much clutter that eats up my time, that I may need to discern what is truly valuable enough to hold on to, and those things which are not. It’s TOUGH.

  • It’s so easy to hoard and keep things “just in case” . I did a big clean out when I moved interstate with my family 3 years ago – though you wouldn’t think so to look around my house! I think I’m due for another one…..

  • Cleaning out a cabinet or closet, especially one that has been collecting things for years, is a daunting thing. Glad you managed to get it all packed up, though!