Nothin’ But Crickets

Ahhhh. Saturday morning. The morning of the week we sleep in, move at our own paces, do things we want to do rather than ones we have to do.


Taum Sauk Lake (Yes, the one you’ve heard about in the news. Dam broke a couple years ago. Took out a house with an entire family inside. They were washed away, including small children, and all survived to tell about it.)

Saturday morning is a lingering cup of white chocolate cappuccino, a calm in the eye of the storm, my piece of peace each week.

But I’ve had five days of Saturday mornings, and this morning–I hear crickets.


I’m not saying that in frustration like I might (ok, might might be a slight lie) in my classroom when I get no response other than blank stares to a simple recall question. I really hear crickets.

Let me rewind to when this all started.

So last night, or perhaps early this morning, my husband went to bed before me. Typically we try to go to bed together. I was in the middle of solving an important criminal investigation and couldn’t leave my partners without my unmatched sleuthing abilities at such a crucial point.

No sooner than he had reached the bed, which I could see from my handy dandy recliner top of the line video gps monitoring system, I started hearing this obnoxious racket. It was not coming from my ever challenging investigation, so I knew it was coming from the house through the monitoring system.

Due to age and not ever having the bolts tightened, our bed frame has started squeaking every time someone moves. So, I just figured he was intentionally trying to annoy me so I’d hurry up and come to bed. But the bed didn’t appear to be moving in the least, and the only possible noise from that room would have been snoring.

I got up, I mean I wrapped up the investigation and went home, to go in search of the noise. As I stepped into the kitchen it was obvious that’s where the noise was coming from. A more discriminating ear led me to the stove.

And there, on the stove, was a hoard of crickets eating the bread my husband had fed them before going on to bed.


No, they weren’t running hopping free on my stove! They were safely tucked in the cricket keeper.


So, this morning as I brewed my sixth Saturday morning white chocolate cappuccino of the week, I was serenaded by crickets.

I can’t lie. I talked to them as I bustled around the kitchen.

At one point I thought about telling them I loved them, but I thought that a bit cruel since their bait. And I really don’t love crickets. Especially not in my house.

Yeah, six Saturdays in a row may not be good for me. Maybe I should put on clothes that have more than three letters in their name (pjs) and actually leave the house today. Would you like to join me for If We Were Having Coffee on the road today?

Or if you prefer, you can come be serenaded by crickets!

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  • I’m not a huge fan of the crickets either, or any bugs when it comes down to it, but as long as they’re outside I don’t mind them. lol

  • Sounds like someone is planning a fishing trip soon. It’s almost four and I’m still in my pjs. Got some leftover homemade soup in the microwave. Will slip into my sloppy around the house clothes before I eat my soup in case a dribble I won’t stain my pjs.
    #WeekendCoffeeShare at Life & Faith in Caneyhead.

  • Ah, crickets 😀 I used to catch and keep them in our storm windows or old tires as pets lol Never such thing as taking it has a way of slipping back in after a while. 😀 Take care and have a good rest of your weekend

  • I love hearing crickets…when they are outside. I don’t think I could stand to have them inside the house, in a cricket keeper or any other way.

    My coffee this morning has white chocolate creamer in it and it’s the best! So good that I had to have a second cup!

    Have a great week!

  • I’d like to hear crickets chirping–something I haven’t done since leaving Australia for England. In fact, I hear nothing but traffic buzzing past my night window.

  • It is a sunday night my side. I am sitting in peace and hearing the tick tock of the clock. I guess I still prefer it over the sound of cricket 😀 but then thats just me!

  • Sounds like you have a great day planned!