No-Whine Coffee Zone



I can’t believe another week has come and gone already, and yet I was ready for this one to end a few days ago. I don’t want to live a life I’m wishing away. Especially not when I realize more and more each day just how little time left I have with my kids at home. But it was just a week of obnoxious things that has left me wishing for an extended break.

If we were having coffee I’d probably ask you if we could chat and not whine about ANYTHING. Yeah. I know. I just whined.

And while I’m at it, could each of us just be responsible for picking up our own tab, cleaning up our own mess, carrying our own side of the conversation, not assuming we know what the other one should do or should have done, and having our conversation in an inside voice as not to disturb anyone else around us? Speaking of everyone else around us, could we have an actual conversation? An intelligent conversation? One that has nothing to do with gossip?

Deep breath.

So, what was the BEST thing about your week? The one thing you hope to remember next week, and are sure you will, when things get cantankerous.

As I ask that question, I had to stop and think. Did I have one?


pilgrimageMy daughter participated in Sophomore Pilgrimage this week. Our local GFWC, Mina Sauk, sent her as the Arcadia Valley High School sophomore from their chapter. We bought her business casual clothes to wear to the capital and while I drove to school Monday by myself, my husband drove her to the closest pickup point to get on a chartered bus with other nominated sophomores to make their pilgrimage to the capital.

My daughter communicates a little differently than most teenagers. I would be lying if I said I thought she would make friends and have an amazing time. She texted her dad frequently while she was gone, but me only once and it had a sobbing emoticon attached to words about being made fun of. She didn’t text me back when I asked for an explanation.

So imagine my surprise 24 hours after that text when we drove to meet the bus and found a smiling, bouncy teenage daughter. Not only did she enjoy her trip to learn about our government system and the opportunity to be the one they had to PUSH out of all the museums, but she had made friends with both girls and boys on the trip.

They had stayed up until way past 1 AM in the BOY’S room.

SAY WHAT?!?! This is not the child my husband put on the bus!

Making prank phone calls until the conversation turned to religion and then they used the Bibles on their phones to look up scripture to debate denominational beliefs. She was amazed that the child that knew and used the most curse words on the trip also knew scripture very well. I, however, immediately guessed that student’s denomination.

I think she will do just fine being in the dorms at MIZZOU for three weeks this summer.

Will we survive three weeks with limited contact? We shall see. 🙂

So, what’s your one thing? Better write it down now. I had already forgotten that the above had happened this week. It already seemed like something from several weeks ago.

Let’s do this coffee thing again next week. K?


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  • Great post. My two are 7 and 5 but I’m already worried about the day they’ll leave home – especially since I’ll be in my 60s by then. Makes you think, doesn’t it! I hope your daughter settles down and is OK. #WeekendBlogHop

  • My one thing….. he weighed in at 9.9 lbs and 22 inches. If you want to see a picture you will have to check out my own coffee post! I am so glad your daughter had a good time. Sometimes our shy birds learn how to fly in surprising places.

  • Sorry you seem to have had a bit of a frustrating time, but I’m glad that you had such a pleasant surprise about your daughter’s trip—and I’m so happy for her.

    We’ve had some nasty weather here, but I’m so glad to see blue skies and sunshine today!

  • My one thing is reconnecting with an old friend online. Her kind words and support literally brought tears to my eyes. Love the no whining rule very important.