Most Unique Christmas Gift

Ok, I want to know what is your most unique Christmas gift from this year?

We spend Christmas Eve each year with my husband’s uncle and aunt. The evening is traditional…things rarely change.

This year after dinner was eaten the question was asked, “Should we start with the “good” gifts?”

Hmmm….what, exactly, is the difference between the “good” gifts and the regular gifts?

Well, shirt size boxes were placed on the laps of the three women in attendance. As I popped the tape loose on the box I notice a, uh, um, a BRA in the box!!!!!

Excuse me????? A BRA? For a Christmas gift? From in-laws?

Well, while I’m busy turning red and trying to figure out how to respond, Chris’ other aunt pulls her “bra” out of the box and puts it on!!!!

Ok, not QUITE as weird anymore! So, here’s our picture modeling our new undergarments! What is the most UNIQUE gift you received this Christmas?