Make it Happen

makeithappenI don’t think I ever heard that exact phrase, but when all the other quotes and sayings are boiled down, that’s the answer. Stop waiting and just get it done!

That thought process has carried me through a lot. In high school I used it to get myself to a several week theater camp on the east coast, a 21 day trip across Europe, purchasing a car, living through circumstances that threatened to drown me, and sometimes simply surviving.

As an adult, I’ve used that strategy to do anything people say I can’t do.

A half-marathon? Check. Twice.

College? Check. An Associate’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, and a Master’s Degree all earned after I was married and had children.

Travel? Check. Pretty much every summer. I’ve even managed to leave the country two more times. Once we even took the kids. And there’s another trip to Mexico planned for summer 2016.

Stand up against state bills I disagree with? Check. With pride and results!

Life is going to happen to you one way or another. You might as well make it happen the way you want it to happen.

Or while you’re sitting around waiting, someone else will be out there making your dreams become their reality.


  • Awesome encouragement for today, as I am finishing up my undergraduate degree. Thanks!

  • So true, and good for you.
    Today, I washed the curtains in my study. I didn’t want to, but the job needed to be done. So what, you might say. Well for a start, they are such a stretch for me and I can’t stand on anything to raise me because of my disability. Get through that–I did it. Then I staggered outside and hung them on the line. The wind blew them dry in a couple of hours. Once my husband had carried them in again, I didn’t want to hang them. But, if I didn’t do it then, the job would wait until I did–so hung one, stretching almost as much as I could bear. Maybe I’d leave the second one. But no–I forced myself. Now, I’m proud. Such a small accomplishment, but I did it.