Let’s Change the World Over Coffee

This week has been crazy. Great. But crazy.


I had full intentions of putting off coffee until later in the morning, but Lil made a noise that woke me up and here I am. Wide awake, deciding how to allocate the time in my day.

I want to move. Fully.

I have a beautiful new house, with a DISHWASHER, just waiting for me to live in it.

I intended to get a lot done there this week while Chris was out-of-town. Unfortunately, I forgot just how much time being a single parent takes. I didn’t get to do anything.

I could have Friday night, but geesh, I was exhausted.

So, what do I do today? Grade papers? Get my nails done? Move more stuff on my own?

I still don’t know which I’m going to choose, but I do know one thing and I’m EXCITED about it!

The FREE EARRINGS offer has been extended to Sept. 19th! Any purchase WILL automatically be shipped a pair of these earrings!

I officially became a Compassionate Entrepreneur with Trades of Hope late Thursday night. I am sooooooooooooooooo excited to be able to partner with them to bring hope and change to women around the world. I would love to share the opportunity to change the world with YOU! I am actively seeking people to help me get the word out about this mission opportunity.

As friends keep showing me the items they have received that were created by the very hands that need the hope, I am moved to tears to think that each item has been loving handmade by an individual receiving the profit.

You see, when I buy an item at the store I don’t know who made it or why. I do know that in most cases the profit goes to a owner who is typically far removed from the hands that made the product. In many cases, those hands are underage, under paid, illegal workers.

I support slave labor when I purchase those items, and let’s be honest, most of us purchase items without even thinking about the hands that made them.

Trades of Hope is different. They don’t make products; they buy products from artisans who make the products. Trades of Hope pays the full asking price to the artisan and then turns around and asks us to purchase the items in order to continue helping these artisans.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the fact that I can bless a women working to keep her kids. I love the fact that part of my purchase price goes to helping women saved from the sex trade and human trafficking re-enter life successfully. I love the fact that I can read the stories of individual artisans and what this company, and my purchase, does to assist them.

So, this morning as I share my coffee with you and think about women hand rolling paper beads
for the necklace I just ordered, I feel blessed and motivated to share this mission with you.

I have a house. With sturdy walls and a shingled roof. All four of us have beds, even if they aren’t always the most comfortable, to sleep in. We have vehicles. No, not new, but dependable. We work and bring home paychecks larger than these women would ever dream about receiving.

I am blessed, and I want to pass that on. I want to offer a hand up to women who aren’t asking for a handout.

I have two hands.

As I reach one out to help those women, I am extending one behind me to you. Will you grab my hand and help me pull them up?

I’ll gladly buy you a coffee for your assistance.