Just Say NO to Busing!

“The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round!”


and round, and round, and BUMP, and round, and round and round. Well, I have a feeling you’re getting the idea.

From the time we moved to the country, first grade, until I got my driver’s license, junior year, I rode the school bus.

The RURAL school bus. Down one way dirt lanes, on the highway, through curves and bumps, and often while it was dark out.

Yes, dark.

Our bus happened to drive past our house early in the morning to get to the start of the route. Our parents also had to be at work early. So, it was somehow discovered that we could catch the bus when it went past our house the first time, and so we did.

We would get on the bus while it was still dark, ride to the beginning of the route (down bumpy gravel roads), and then ride the entire bus route, including past our own house half way through the route.

I hated the bus.

I felt intimidated by everyone. The older kids were just scary, and the kids my age typically picked on my. Not to mention the fact that I played French horn in the band and had to figure out how to get my instrument to fit in the bus seat.

I didn’t ever want to get on that bus and I flew off of it at the end of each day.

I disliked the bus so much that my children can probably how many times they rode the bus to school on one hand. We had to be desperate before we made the kids ride the bus. I refused to punish my kids the way I felt I had been punished.

So, how did you get to school? Walk? Bus? Carpool? Did it affect how you transported your own children to school?

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  • I got a lift to and from school via a friends Mum, and when my Dad was on the right shift, he took us home.

    As an adult I love the bus, even when I get the dreaded night bus home after missing the last tube.

  • I used to walk to my Australian primary school in the 40s. Then, I took a tram to high school. Loved that.
    My children did the same and walked to primary school. Then we moved to the country and they had one hour of bus travel to the closest area school for high school. That proved too much for my poor son, who was bullied until he stood up for himself.

    • Bus rides are awful for that. A driver can’t drive and supervise safely at the same time. I “learned” so much on the bus. There’s a reason that stuff isn’t taught at public school.

  • I’m not a fan of buses. I’ll walk everywhere if I can help it. I’m 23, and really, I should have learnt how to drive by now, but I’m too scared! Buses always seem to be late which is such a PAIN!