Just Ask #IMMOOC #InnovatorsMindset

Sometimes, people are afraid to share what they want because they don’t know that getting it is even a possibility. #InnovatorsMindset

I wonder what our building staff would ask for if they thought it was a possibility?

Would they ask to teach different courses? Would they ask to sponsor different clubs? Would they request to serve on district committees?

It’s somewhat easy to find out.

I need to ask.


Such a simple concept. Ask.

Why don’t I ask more? Why do I need an author of a book to remind me of something I already know?

Because I know teachers are busy. I know they are overworked. I know they are giving their all to this group of students to get them as far as they can before state-mandated testing. I know they want to answer one more “survey” question from an admin like they want another stack of essays to grade on the first weekend of spring.

I need that reminder of such a simple concept because I have a desire to see our teachers doing things they are passionate about rather than jumping through hoops they didn’t choose, nor light on fire.


This post is in response to Week 4 of The Innovator’s Mindset book study.