Judge a Book by Its Cover?

Dear Friends,

Do you judge a book by its cover? Karen sure hopes you’ll judge Waiting for Butterflies by its cover! She calls it a “work of heart.” Of course, there’s a story behind that!

Karen had an idea for her cover and asked the publisher if she could submit a cover for consideration—which was a very unusual request. The publisher agreed but stated they would have the final say. Next, Karen had to find a little blonde girl to be the cover model. She asked a former student/friend/colleague if her 4-year-old daughter Briar would be available. Come to find out, her friend had family photos scheduled for the next day—with the very photographer Karen wanted to shoot her cover photo, Heidi of Heidi Wharton Photography. So Karen explained her vision to Heidi, who told her, “I know exactly what you want.” Except she didn’t. When Karen received the photo the next day, it was not what she had envisioned. It was 100 times better! So then the photo went to another former student, graphic artist extraordinaire Kinsley, who worked her magic. When the cover was submitted, the publisher said it captured the very essence of the story.

Here’s a “before” and “after” look. Isn’t the transformation amazing? Could there be a cuter cover model or a more talented photographer or graphic artist? Karen doesn’t think so! A work of heart…

thumbnail_Cover Before & After

If you’d like some other “visuals” for Waiting for Butterflies, check out Karen’s Pinterest board. She’s had fun posting pictures related to her story!

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We’re just two weeks from launch day! I hope you’re enjoying the behind-the-scenes look at Waiting for Butterflies! Thanks for letting me (and Karen) share!