Joshua Locks Horns with Jericho


If an angel of the Lord stood in front of you and told you to take off your sandals, would you ask questions?

Most of me WANTS to say no, but the honesty within me tells me that I and most of the population wouldn’t simply do what he said. We would ask questions, refuse, or simply ignore him as if he wasn’t talking directly to us and keep walking–sandals and all.

Joshua 5:15 tells us that Joshua did as he was told. No questions, no fuss, no backtalk, just obedience. What an example for how God’s people should respond!

Then God gives him instructions through the angel. Important instructions. Instructions on how to fight, and win, a battle. Instructions on how to take down an entire city.

Shoeless Joshua found himself alone at a lecture with nothing to take notes on, no one else to corroborate his story, and an angel he’d never met before to trust to get the message right.

It would be difficult just to accept this message as the plan, wouldn’t it?

Oh! I haven’t shared the message with you yet, have I? Well, I’ve found a little help to share Joshua’s story today. Actually, Joshua and Jericho’s story. I think you’ll enjoy this!

Ok, so now that you know the message, if you were an Israelite would you simply accept the plan Joshua claims God gave him? Would you walk SILENTLY (Josh. 6:10) once a day for six days before marching around seven times on the seventh day? Would you break the silence by shouting after the final trumpet call on that 7th day? Would you be shocked when the walls fell or simply affirmed?Joshua620b


The Israelites had already been banned from the Promised Land for an additional forty years for lack of faith once. I wonder what would have happened if they had refused to march and shout? Would they have wandered in the wilderness another forty years?

What does it take for God to get our attention so we will exhibit obedience like Joshua? Is your faith already as sound as Joshua’s, or are you only following the crowd around the wall?


  • The kids and I have been reading about Joshua during our Bible study every morning. We would have more faith, in his position, right? Or would we—?

  • Carrie Ann, I’m visiting from the UBC. I enjoyed your post. God actually made me take off my hiking boots and socks one day, at a church retreat, and stand on certain rocks. Yes, the story of Joshua is very powerful. God has many different ways of getting things done, and the faster we listen and follow up, the faster it gets done. All blessings–Kebba

  • The story of Joshua is one we could all learn from in our daily lives. Would I make inquiries or accept God’s plan given to Joshua? I think I would. However, in my humanness, am I sure I would not question? Honestly, I am not sure. I enjoy reading your post and look forward to the next one. Blessings to you!

  • That is why they had to wander about for 40 years – the heart hearted Israelites had to be weeded out. I would hope we would without question otherwise we have become too like Israel.

    A great reflection for A to Z

  • The story of Joshua is one of my godmother’s favorites. I remember her telling me about it as a kid!