Isaiah’s Intentional Investment

Have you ever been part of an organization or group that had great ideas, dreams, and plans, but not enough volunteers to carry them out?

Yeah, me too. I’ve had the privilege of being part of those groups more times than I can count. Many times it isn’t money, time, or resources we struggle to find, but the manpower to make the activity or event possible.

These types of situations can be frustrating for those in leadership positions or those who are the dreamers. We see a need, we make a plan, we orchestrate all necessary resources, and then no one volunteers to fill the needs that only human presence can fill.

It can be discouraging, disappointing, and sometimes it can even make us question our faith in God. But that’s where the question really comes from–who’s idea, dream, or plan is this? God’s or ours?

Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.” Isaiah 8:6



Isaiah had just been in the presence of the Lord and seraphim. After the angels cleansed him from his sins, he heard the Lord speak to him.

God asked Isaiah a question. An interesting question. It wasn’t for Isaiah’s opinion or about the weather; God asked Isaiah who he should send.

Do you think God was asking Isaiah for recommendations here? That perhaps God was at a total loss for who to us to do His work?

Of course not! God was not waiting for Isaiah to recommend a missionary. God already knew who He had chosen, but He was waiting for that person to volunteer.

We do not serve a God who controls our movements, thoughts, and responses as if we were puppets on a string. While God could force us to do His will, He desires for us to do His will because we want to.

God is looking for willing volunteers to join His life-saving ministry.


Isaiah is quick to respond to God.

His answer?

Where do you want this person to go, God? How long will they be there? Can their family go with them? Will it be an inconvenience?

What exactly will the job entail? Do you have a list of necessary skills and requirements? Who will they be working with? What will the pay be?

This is how a lot of us would respond, is it not?

Isaiah, however, did not. He did respond immediately, though.

Sendme“I’m right here, God. Send me.”

Notice what Isaiah doesn’t say.

What did you notice?

Isaiah never says, “I’ll go!”

Isaiah was willing to let the Lord use Him. He even wanted the Lord to use Him. However, instead of saying, “I’m right here; Ill do it!”, like many of us would have done, Isaiah volunteers but waits for the Lord to send him. Unless the Lord wants Him to go, sends him, and goes with him, Isaiah knows the task would end in failure. He waits to make sure God sends him before he just takes off to do the work.

How many of us don’t wait for God to send us, but just dash off to do the job?

You know, I think we can all learn a lesson from Isaiah–no matter what side of the fence we’re on.

If you’ve been waiting on God to “make” you do something you feel (or even wonder) if you’re supposed to be doing, He isn’t going to. He’s waiting on you to volunteer. To be honest, so are a lot of other people. There’s the person doing the job you’re supposed to be doing on top of the job God’s called them to do, the person who’s been called to start a ministry but can’t without people to fill all the roles, and the person who’s waiting to say yes to God’s call when they see you go first. And that’s just a few of the people waiting on you.

If you’re (I’m) one of those people jumping up and down every time there’s a need, waving your (my) hand in the air so God can’t possibly overlook you (me), and shouting, “Here I am! I’m on my way to take care of it! I got this, God!” You need to chill. If God didn’t call you to it, don’t go. You’re taking someone else’s calling away from them and giving them an additional excuse to keep ignoring it. If you’re spending time doing something God didn’t call you to, you’re wasting time you could be spending fulfilling your calling. You’re spending time doing something directly and intentionally out of the will of God.

Yeah. That one hurts.

One scripture. One teeny, tiny verse, and I think I just got my toes stomped by the Holy Spirit.

Where are you in relationship to Isaiah? A volunteer? A wannabe puppet? A focused calling fulfiller?

Where do you WANT to be in seven days? Twenty-one days? One month?

Where does God want you to be in one month?

What is one thing you can do TODAY to intentionally move from where you are to here you want to be?