Hydroplaning Into a Roadside Ditch with God

Hydroplaning. That’s what I was debating blogging about tonight as I made a treacherous drive in the pouring rain and winds this afternoon. 270 to 55 to 67. They were ALL a mess. Traffic was terrible; driving conditions were worse.

I can’t stand driving in the rain. It stresses me out something crazy. Five minutes in to the drive, and I was clenched so tight my muscles were aching. So, I did what I always do.

Lord, place a bubble of Your protection around this van and those within it. A hedge of protection. In You I place my trust. I will not be afraid.
I knew I had to stay alert and focused with the current conditions, but I also knew I needed to relax some. So, I started wondering how I could tie my travels into tonight’s blog. I was watching others slip and slide through standing water on the road. Hydroplaning.

How is hydroplaning like our relationship with God? Can I connect the two?

To hydroplane means to slide uncontrollably across a wet surface. Now, I’m not a science person, so I’m not going to go all technical on you. I would think that a vehicle is heavy enough that it would just automatically sink through the inch or less water standing on the road and travel along like usual. Unfortunately, something sciencey happens and the speed with which the wheels are turning hits the water and causes it to lose contact with the pavement and the driver loses control of the vehicle.

The wheels in my mind are spinning. Surely this relates to our walk with God. I know there’s an analogy in there.

So, I change the question a little. Shouldn’t our whole walk with God be like hydroplaning? Shouldn’t we let go of control and let Him take over?

You all are waiting for the scripture aren’t you? Waiting for me to dig in to this analogy.

Well, you’re going to have to wait. My brain is fried, and I have little more to give tonight. Let me explain.

About an hour later, I experienced hydroplane at it’s worst. I’ve hydroplaned many times, but always been able to regain control. This afternoon, I could not regain control, and when I realized it, I audibly cried out to God.

“Save us! Steer us out of this!!!”
And I let go.

I was in the passing lane when it started and we landed in the ditch on the other side of right lane. I was in the passing lane to pass a gas truck.

One of the kids said they counted four circles in the highway before we hit the grass and ultimately took out the leg of a ‘attractions at the next exit’ sign which in turn took out a window. We never saw the tanker truck, and we definitely didn’t hit the tanker.

While repeating the story for the umpteenth time a minute ago, one of them said, “It’s almost like it just disappeared.”

One long window shattered on top of my daughter, covering her in glass. She has some VERY minor cuts and scratches on one leg. Minor as in cat scratches are WAY worse.

The other two of us in the van are fine.

My van is likely totaled. We’ll know officially in the next few days, but all who’ve seen it and know how old it is say totaled.

The timing is terrible. We aren’t sitting in a place to replace a vehicle right now.

However, I am praising the God who steered us across two lanes of traffic without hitting any other vehicle…especially a gas tanker truck. The God who kept us safe in a situation that could have ended so much worse.

When I lost control, He showed up and took over.

I don’t really have a devotion for you tonight, but I’m reading Psalm 91…join me?