High Five Friday with Carrie Ann..the Hippie! #4

High5FridayHigh Five Friday! A time to give some props to the five highlights of your week!

If your week came with a highlight reel every seven days, what would be on that reel in the last seven that you would be high fiving? I’ve been sharing my top five highlights of the week each Friday. Please feel free to join me! Let’s start our weekend off with some gratitude by counting our blessings!



5CountdownHippie Clothes

Twice. I was called a hippie, by strangers, twice this week. First, because I was barefoot at a five-plus hour outdoor Shinedown concert. Second, when a random lady in Wal-Mart stopped to compliment me on my shirt. That compliment led me to tell her that I bought it from my favorite online store, Tee for the Soul (If you decide to purchase from this store, I would LOVE it if you would use this code-http://r.sloyalty.com/r/u5yBe06srtS2-to get $10 off. I will also get $10 off for referring you!) . That led her to inform me that she just loved things like that. You know. Clothes that hippies would wear. Yes, yes, thank you random strangers for calling me a hippie.


4countdownHippie Oils

So I keep hearing people talk about essential oils. Mainly Young Living. I have spent the month of July researching them. And finally I have bought some from our local health food store, Earth Mother. My kids don’t even question me telling them to “rub this here for that” or the fact that I got capsules from the pharmacy to mix our own oils. We’ve used herbal supplements forever. I just haven’t ever had any information on oils. I think I’ve heard the word hippie tied to oil use about a bazillion times this week.

Those using the rollerball bottle of anti-itch oil I made couldn’t careless if it’s a hippie movement or not!

3countdownUN-Hippie undergarments

It’s that time of year that I needed to purchase new undergarments. My sister told me eons ago about Soma. I checked their store out a while back and found they were cheaper than VS that I usually buy. So, I decided to try them out this go around. Two un-hippie undergarments purchased for $59 that actually fit in the right places and are uber comfortable for what they are.


Dream Chasing

2countdownEven in its stressfulness, it has been fun watching Cam chase a dream. Even a dream he hasn’t garnered a lot of support in. It takes confidence to go against the flow. Or hardheadedness, according to my husband. In a society where we tend to push everyone a certain direction with the intention of them being “better” than whoever came before them, the strength and courage it takes to be true to yourself is a lost art.

I may not have done much right in parenting, and I’m certain I haven’t done everything right, but I have managed to raise teenagers who are confident in their own beliefs and abilities. They don’t care much what everyone else is doing or thinks. They are able to be their own person even in the face of opposition.


I’m thinking of putting down roots. Literally. Flowers and trees.

I have an odd emotional attachment to plants. I quit planting things after the second move. The third move was a hopeful life move, but had the knowledge of being evicted per se hanging over my head for the past seven or eight years.

Seeing flowers on a drive one day a few years ago literally made me cry and might have been my acknowledgement of rock bottom. I was tired of always being ripped away from people and things I loved. To the point I had not only severely separated myself from anyone who could potentially hurt me, but had also stopped planting things, stopped planning things, and refused to fall in like or love with anything.

The way things have been moving this week, I’m seeing roots in my future. I’m not afraid. For the first time in a long time, I’m excited. Not quite excited enough to be overly involved because it isn’t a sure thing yet. But then again, is anything in life a sure thing?

So, what about you? What are you high-fiving this week? Share your five things in a blog post or in the comments! I’d love to celebrate with you!


  • I’m high-fiving about still being alive, about a neighbour who trims the plants in my garden when I can no longer do it, about having my husband beside me still. Every day brings something new. Best to accept whatever comes and make the best of it.

    • Francene,

      We can find so many things to be thankful for, can’t we? It all depends on where we’re looking and what we are expecting to find! When we look for the good, that’s what we’ll find. Thanks for dropping in again!!!!