High Five Friday Linkup #2

High5FridayHigh Five Friday! A time to give some props to the five highlights of your week! How odd (totally NOT odd–going to explain) that three of mine came from Sunday. It just so happens that there were a lot of people praying for me on Sunday. How do I know? One, because I asked them to and several let me know that they were. Two, because of the things that you are about to read below. Three, because of Tuesday which was also a good day. I didn’t write much (1) about that here.

High fives abound this week. As a matter of fact, consider yourself high-fived from me just for reading this! Happy Friday, friends!

Here are this weeks High Five Recipients:


It makes your stomach sink when you see a vehicle flipped on its side ahead of you and people running across yards and down the interstate. And even though it looks bad, there’s just something about the group of people gathered around the vehicle making a plan to roll it back over upright that reminds you there is still good in this world. Still community.

Hours later we were making a mad dash in a terrible thunderstorm to get a snake-bit dog 4countdownto the after-hours ER. It’s almost midnight. Driving conditions are awful, and we have to get there within a certain time frame. Traffic ahead is stopped. Vaguely in headlights I see the silhouettes of adults running in the highway. I grab Chris’s arm and say, “There are people out in the road!” We join the stopped cars to see a tree has been victim of the storm and is blocking the highway. A few drivers are out moving the tree out of the highway in the pouring rain with no visibility. Community.

3countdownAnd then I came across this example of community on my facebook feed. It isn’t a new video by any means, but it was new to me and got me to thinking. Your going to want to watch this one.

If this doesn’t make you smile, I have to wonder if your heart is beating. But how many of us might have been annoyed…

Posted by Carrie Ann Tripp Author & Speaker on Monday, July 20, 2015

This man is not just another person listening to loud music on his headphones and singing even louder… He’s on a mission! And what he does next will leave you with chills <3We need more people like this in the world: http://wowamazing.com/heartwarming/top-15-pics-put-faith-humanity-back-track/

Posted by Explore Talent – Acting and Modeling on Friday, December 5, 2014

2countdownAlthough I try not to be political on my social media accounts, the shooting of our soldiers at a recruiter’s office and base this month was more than enough for me to decide to be vocal. Our ARMED forces should be ARMED. We had to meet our son Tuesday night. He knows how I feel. As we headed to dinner he says, “Oh, you missed the veterans guarding our recruiter’s office.” I was stunned that they were there in our rural community and was sad I had missed them. I would have brought them a cold drink or a coffee and made sure to say thank you. You see, I disagree with the current law, but I support community.


1countdownMy number one high five of the week would have to go to the event squished in between the rolled vehicle and the tree in highway, though. The summer before my son’s senior year appears to be the only summer we won’t be taking an amazing vacation. I’m dumb, and emotional, and just struggling with this when people in the world have so many real problems it isn’t funny, but right now this is one of my “big” issues. So, Sunday we took off on an impromptu trip to pick peaches. First we were heading to Campbell, Missouri, but I couldn’t find a place on google to actually pick them. Google did direct me to Eckert’s Country Store & Farm in Belleville, IL. We had a GREAT time and the money we spent wasn’t wasted as we ate it! 😀

So, what five things would you give high fives to from this week? Feel free to jot them down and link them up! The linky will stay open for a week!

For those of you who AREN’T writing high five Friday posts, don’t forget to link up with #TheocentricThursdays blog hop which is open all weekend!

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