High Five Friday #3

High5FridayHigh Five Friday! A time to give some props to the five highlights of your week!

If your week came with a highlight reel every seven days, what would be on that reel in the last seven that you would be high fiving? I’ve been sharing my top five highlights of the week each Friday. Please feel free to join me! Let’s start our weekend off with some gratitude by counting our blessings!


5CountdownMailbox Surprise Swap

I signed up earlier this month to be in the inaugural month of a blogger’s Mailbox Surprise Swap. Yesterday we got our Swap Sisters assigned for August. Woot woot! My Swap Sister is Donna Ettinger who blogs at Beauty Confessions of An Avon Lady. Might I STRONGLY suggest you pop over to her blog and check out her post on National Lipstick Day. Well, unless you want to be accused of witchcraft!


4countdownGoodbye Medicine

After quite some time of asking, I finally got to say goodbye to my Topamax and an allergy tablet this week! Woot woot!!!!! Praying that the new trial meds work and that the horrible symptoms (side effects) I’ve been experiencing from the others go away. Yesterday I walked down and back the trail at Johnson Shut-Ins to the swimming area TWICE and when I finally got back to the car I checked my heart rate and it was in the normal range for during REST! That’s amazing for lately!

3countdownFacebook PraiseFest

I’m certain I’m NOT supposed to talk about it, but I liked a statement about God and facebook and apparently that like was my acceptance into a chain letter type thing. So now I’m unwittingly trapping others into participating by making statements about God on facebook. It’s a great way to start each day! I type a statement about a characteristic about God and am instantly reminded myself. This is a GREAT thing, peeps.

Crater of Diamonds State Park  

So, I’m really down about the no vacation thing. It’s eating2countdown me up. This was supposed to be our vacation week. I finally went ahead and planned a trip to Crater of Diamonds State Park for last weekend so we could at least do something. It’s a place we have always wanted to go and just never gotten around to. Due to some last minute spontaneity to my plan, see Road Trip, we wound up getting there after six on Saturday which meant we could come back Sunday for free. Although we didn’t find any diamonds out there in the 100+ temps not including the heat index, we found enough minerals close enough to keep us engaged and excited. We would love to go back and try again in the spring or fall!

1countdownRoad Trip

When Chris finally came home from work Friday and I told him where we were off too, he quickly discovers that West Monroe, Louisiana is ONLY 3 1/2 hours further than where you’re planning to go. Let’s drive down and eat at Willie’s new restaurant! So, we decide to hit Louisiana first and then come back to Arkansas. Yes, we drove around West Monroe, which was MUCH bigger than we expected, going “Hey, look! There’s the donut shop where they filmed…” and “Hey! That’s where Si wanted to go for pizza and they played all those games to get the tickets!” We also did the pics under the sign at the shop and on our way back across the parking lot saw a Penske truck getting ready to unload a GINORMOUS alligator! I can’t wait to see what that’s for!!!!


So, what about you? What are you high-fiving this week? Share your five things in a blog post or in the comments! I’d love to celebrate with you!


  • This week has been full of blessings but here are my top five

    1. Abundant garden veggies to eat and share with friends and family. God and my husband are the best farmers.

    2. Pictures of my great-great niece. Wow, so cute.

    3. Invitation to do a radio spot in Oct. on my book “Dolores, Like the River” in an effort to empower women to be what God planned for them no matter what their past, problems or perceived stumbling blocks.

    4. Meeting with my musician son to compose a YouTube original piece with my pictures and sayings from the book for a trailer on line for Dolores, Like the River.

    5. Certainly not the least – notice that two of my submitted pieces are in the last round of cuts for Chicken Soup of the Soul books due out this fall as well as an invitation to a “Colorado’s Contributors” luncheon in mid August by Chicken Soup. Encouraging huh?

    • LAURA!!!! What an amazingly blessed week you are having! I hope you wrote this in a post and not just in my comments. This is SUPER inspiring and gives hope to those of us that want our writing to head in those directions.

      You rock, sister!!!!

      Have a blessed weekend!

      • Thank you. I am having a good week. God is just so good. I had not thought about that but I sure will put it in a post soon. I actually thought about posting, at the end of each week, a small list of things I am grateful for. Carrie, will you pray about the Chicken Soup publications? Right now I know one of them is pretty sure as they have asked for release permission and all my bio information. But until I know for sure, I am hesitant to put it out there is public. I can add a bunch of other stuff though. Goodness each week/day is just full of stuff. to praise God for.

        Thanks so much.


  • 1. Adventure Camp at church. (Like VBS on steroids.)

    2. Band Camp at school. (Like music camp on hormones.)

    3. God’s strength made perfect in my weakness!

    4. Watching my 11-year-old daughter lead her first dance workshop at Adventure Camp (see #1) in place of my 16-year-old daughter, who couldn’t be there because she was filling her role as clarinet section leader for the first time at Band Camp (see #2, above).

    5. Having the honor of sharing part of my faith story in the “Be Salty” blog post series at http://kayliehodges.com/.

  • Thanks for the shout out. I’m excited about the sister swap as well. This high five Friday is an awesome idea. Too many people focus on the negative things that happened.
    1. Spending time with friends kicking back at their pool.
    2. Found out I’m getting a raise at work.
    3. Helped my father find some money he was entitled to.
    4. Talking to my swap sister (very sweet)
    5.Booked a long weekend getaway for next weekend right on the lake. I need to getaway so bad.

  • I want to begin High Five Friday which will be held each Friday of the week. I have been thinking of launching my idea of High Five Friday for a few weeks already, but I kept putting it off.

    • A week of plenty

      1. Our lovely weather in Colorado is making for marvelous gardens all round. Flowers and fruits/vegs around the state are spectacular this year.

      2. Spent one day with my daughter-in-law and sister at a beautiful Denver Art Museum exhibit. Then shared bangers and mash as our favorite pub next to the museum. Yum!!!!!

      3. Picked up another dance class, yay!!! Gonna go back to tap.

      4. Met some wonderful folks at First Night Out with the Wheat Ridge Police Department and First Responders where our adult/teen and kids’ dance troupes performed.

      5. Have been contacted by a young writer who wants to learn the ropes of self-publishing. Oh boy, mentoring. Dolores would be very happy. She always said that gifts are not gifts if they remain unopened, unused and unshared. Miss her.