Focus Not Photocopy

“Pay careful attention to your own work, for then you will get the satisfaction of a job well done, and you won’t need to compare yourself to anyone else.” Galatians 6:4

Do you know what your work is? Are you too busy trying to do the work of everyone that you aren’t fulfilling your own call? Has comparing yourself to others ever brought you true satisfaction?

This morning as you head out the door to carpool kids, jobs, crazy days of running errands, volunteering, or whatever you find yourself doing, I challenge you to identify ONE job that you really have to do well today. Jot down a few bulleted notes on what successful completion would look like for YOU, not someone you’re sure could do it better, and tuck that note behind the visor in your car. 

Now, focus on YOUR ONE JOB and don’t worry about what anyone else is doing.

At the end of the day, pull that note out (Hopefully it didn’t look like the one above or you probably won’t be able to check it!), and see if you can mark off the bullets on that list. 

I’m going to try this today. I’ll share my notes later tonight. Will you come back and share too?


Here are some questions to help you share your results with me for my research:

Did you successfully complete your job today?
How do you know?
Did you ever compare your results to someone else’s?
Why or why not?
Did intentionally focusing on this one task without focusing on others change anything about the task or your feelings about the task?

photo credit: Judson Collier via photopin cc