Finally hits home…

Well, the state of the economy is finally hitting our house. I won’t say that it was unexpected, but disappointing none the less. Chris has worked for the same company for the last 11 years. Last week they cut their hours to 32 per week. Tonight they were told they will work 32 hours this week and then be laid off for at least the next two.

Normally this wouldn’t affect us too much, but we have been barely making it from paycheck to paycheck the last few months. I have no idea how will manage to “afford” Christmas now. I am sure, however, that God will provide all of our needs during this time.

Please pray that God will work miracles during this time. I don’t mean that He will have Chris’ work start working overtime, but that He will truly work in our lives during this time. This could be exactly the change we need for Him to be able to transform us to what He has in mind.

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