Felix and the Future

Have you ever had a dream? Something you really wanted to accomplish in life, but the timing just wasn’t right?

Someday we’ll get married.

Someday we’ll buy a house.

Someday we’ll get around to having kids.

Someday I’ll get out of this dead end job and wholeheartedly chase the vision God has given me.



Yet everyday we wake up we find that “someday” seems even further off than it did the day before. And before we know it our dreams for someday have evolved into dreams of retirement.

The Jews come to Felix’s court and accuse Paul of being a troublemaker who constantly stirs up riots among the Jews, being a ringleader of the cult known as the Nazarenes, and desecrating the Temple.

Paul claimed his accusers had no evidence. Felix listened and responded by making a decision.


When the garrison commander arrives, then he would decide the case.

Until then he kept Paul in custody but gave him some freedom and allowed his friends to visit and care for his needs.

In other words, Felix knew Paul wasn’t guilty, but h wasn’t ready to deal with the fall out from the reality. So, he said wait.

Not long after, Felix came back with his Jewish wife, Drusilla. They listened to Paul as he told them about faith in Jesus Christ. He confronted them with righteousness, self-control, and the coming day of judgment.

Felix became frightened by the content of the conversation. The topics of which were very personal to his life.

So, instead of dealing with his own salvation or Paul’s case, Felix said, “Someday.” and sent Paul away again.

Life remained this way for both Felix and Paul for two years. Then when Felix was promoted and Festus took his position, Felix left Paul in prison in order to gain favor with the Jewish people.

Someday I’ll deal with my sin.

Someday I’ll get my life cleaned up and return to church.

Someday I’ll accept Jesus as my Savior, but I’m to busy having fun right now.


But what happens when we run out of “someday”s? What happens when we’re transferred away from our Paul? When we look back and discover we knew what we were supposed to do all those years ago, but willfully chose “someday” over today?

For God says, “At just the right time, I heard you. On the day of salvation, I helped you.” Indeed the “right time” is now. Today is the day of salvation. 2 Corinthians 6:2

Unlike Felix, we need to stop focusing on “sometime” and start looking closely at today.


  • There is no time like now and your story proves it.

  • There is no time like the present moment! Thanks Carrie for your inspirational post 🙂

  • Lovely lesson. There’s a saying that I live by. ‘Today is the only reality.’ I’ll do what I must right now–kiss my husband on the cheek, squeeze his shoulder, because you never know when things will change.

  • The danger of someday is one I totally resonate with. I used to think this way as well, but have “woken up” — thankfully! I’m so much more into today than ever before. Thanks for sharing.

  • Today, right now, this moment, is when we need to act. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Too many people never learn that making no decision is a decision. They have no idea, or don’t care, how their procrastination can cause hurt to others.

  • Great insights on this story! Makes me think. Thanks for posting.

  • Carrie Ann, I’m visiting from the UBC. You make the point that some people are having too much fun to get to Big Decisions they need to make, like declaring for Christ. I agree. I also see many people so tangled up in their chaos that they have trouble getting their heads out of the noise to make any change. Both are ironic, b/c life in Christ is both bliss and the answer to any noise. And the only things that happen if you wait are: you miss opportunities, and you get older.

  • I could not agree more. Focus on today. Enjoy what lies in front of you. Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow has not yet arrived. We could spend our lives searching for tomorrow. Your post is is spot on. It is truly biblical. We need to take heed of His instruction.

  • What a great reminder to not take anything or anyone for granted. Our time on this earth is precious and can unexpectedly change at any point. I just attended the funeral of a 51 year old woman who fell asleep and never woke up. There are many who need to hear the Gospel and time is running out for many. I pray our hearts break for what breaks God’s heart. The lost. Thank you for this reminder.

    Grace and peace be yours in abundance,

  • Carrie,
    Recently I’ve been aware of the fact that I really tend to live in the future, missing many of today’s joys. This story encourages “present” living. Thanks for your encouraging post!

  • Excellent and thought-provoking post. I’m working on a similar theme today, that we often allow fear and worry to interfere with making decisions. That typically leaves us in a state of indecision and negativity, and stunts our growth or prohibits us from moving forward. Thanks for sharing!