In the last two years I put on a lot of fat.

Yes, fat. Not weight, not muscle, just FAT.

50 pounds of it. 57 to be exact. And it’s all right around my middle. Think enough spare tires for an economy sized car.

I quit focusing on good fuel (food) and exercise and focused on other things instead.

Not bad things. Other good things. Things that took time and caused me to use my meal planning and exercising time for something different.

Last week I discussed the motivation I now have to lose that fat.

While I was busy doing other things, my family around me was being diagnosed. While not the only, or worst, diagnosis going around, diabetes has been found in both sides of my family.

I ❤️ sugar. It’s fair to say I’m an addict. I crave it. I’m always thinking about the next amazing thing to have for dessert. I could eat sweets 24/7.

But I can’t.

Because I was borderline gestational diabetes with 2 pregnancies. Because I want to see my children get married and have babies of their own. Because I want to be healthy enough to be able to go and do now that we don’t have to sit at nonstop sporting events. Because I owe it to myself and those who ? me to be in the best shape I can.

I’m giving fat a diagnosis: TERMINAL.

I can’t just lose it and gain it back. I’ve gotta serve it a certificate of death.

I’m using a 90 day system to retrain my tastebuds and eating habits. Last week I shared my 30 day results with you. Today I’ll share the 60 day results.

Look how much longer my shirt gets each time!

Twenty pounds and almost 24″ in 2 months. 3 products, 3 challenges, and 3 months. At 2 months in I was blown away. This is working.

I can do this!

And if I can do this, ANYONE can do this!

Want to join me in this journey to give fat a terminal diagnosis? I’d ❤️ the opportunity to introduce you to a CLEAN product at a reasonable price. Even more, I’d ? to coach and support you through the first 90 days!!!

Leave me a comment with contact info if you’d like more information!

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