Fashion for the Soul

Fall is in the air. Ok. So it isn’t. But a girl can know it is around the corner even if it isn’t in the air.

My fashion style for fall 2015 is amazing. It has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with a Christian owned business I’ve found (thanks to Amy @ From Carryout to Cleaver) called Tee for the Soul.

At first when I heard the company name I kept thinking all t-shirts. I couldn’t have been any more incorrect.


That's a wrap

That’s A Wrap dress is amazing! You will need a slip under it though.

Tee for the Soul sells dresses, tunics, tank tops, lace extenders, shoes, undergarments, jewelry, belts, and just about everything else you can imagine that has to do with fashion. The prints are in season and awesome. The tops leave my cleavage to the imagination which means I can comfortably teach in all of the tops.

Everything I have ordered has been high-quality garments. Everything I’ve ordered HASN’T fit. But that’s where the really awesome stuff happens: customer service is way above par. wpid-wp-1441764974680.jpeg

If you call Tee for the Soul you will get an answer from a human. If you’re like me and don’t like talking on the phone, this company ROCKS at e-mail and Facebook communications. In addition to customer service online, their page encourages individuals of ALL shapes and sizes to post selfies of themselves in clothes ordered from the boutique. Then more magic happens.

wpid-wp-1441765042603.jpegOther women, customers, chime in with positive comments. Some will even ask questions about your measurements to determine how the clothes will fit on them. Prayer requests roll in and your TFTS sisters pray for you and your requests.

All of the sudden you realize TFTS is less about buying clothes and more about belonging to a community, a family.

20150731_131319Oh, and if you don’t understand why everyone talks about burritos, well place an order and see what you get!

20150826_135335(If you have discovered Tee for the Soul through this post and would like to place an order, please use this link ( In doing so, YOU will receive $10 off your purchase and I will also receive $10 off my purchase. I would greatly appreciate sharing this discount with you as I LOVE to order weekly. If you order because you found Tee for the Soul through this post, PLEASE tell them in the comments of your order that you discovered them at