Esthetic Esther Emerges

It seems to me that someone willing to die for what they believe in, a martyr, would be an extrovert. A fighter. An individual who would stand up and shout their cause from the rooftops.

Wouldn’t it seem that way?

If I believe something so strongly that I’m willing to die for it, I would be willing to publicly kill for it to protect it, right?

And you would have to have a bit of that in you, the extrovert, the fighter, to enter a beauty competition similar to reality TV shows like The Bachelor, wouldn’t you?

Unless you were simply submissive.


Esther, Hadassah, had been orphaned as a child. Her Uncle Mordecai had raised her as his own daughter. After being exiled from Judah to Babylon, they were now Jews living in King Xerxes kingdom.

When the king went on a search, Mordecai gave Esther specific instructions to follow: Do not reveal the fact that we are Jewish. And without questioning him, Esther followed his instruction.

Esther was chosen as one of the candidates for King Xerxes future queen by Hegai. Hegai provided her with the best of everything to give her a better chance with the King Xerxes. He also told her before she went to the King for the first time to ask for nothing except what the King suggested. Esther took his advice without questioning.

Ok, so let’s review in our terms:

Young virgin girl is taken from the only home and family she knows to spend twelve months getting made “beautiful” for a one-night stand that will either result in her becoming the queen or becoming another member of the King’s harem. And all she is doing is following the men in positions of authority (uncle and eunuch) directions and advice.

This girl has pushover written all over her, yes?

Then, miracle of all miracles, King Xerxes chooses to make her the new Queen.

wpid-photoeditor-1428331127679.jpgQueen Esther continues to keep her family nationality a secret just as Mordecai instructed her.

Not long after Mordecai overhears two of the King’s eunuchs plotting to kill him and tells Queen Esther. Esther reports to the King and makes sure he knows Mordecai gave her the information. Once it is proven true, the eunuchs are killed.

Haman, the most powerful official in King Xerxes empire, became angry with Mordecai because he wouldn’t bow down to show respect when Haman passed by. Once the palace officials told Haman of Mordecai’s nationality, Mordecai decided it wouldn’t be enough for him to punish just Mordecai–he needed to destroy all the Jews in the empire.

Mordecai then presented King Xerxes with the information that a group of people withing the empire had their own set of laws and refused to follow the King’s laws. He advised the King to destroy them, and King Xerxes gave his approval. (To read the entire account read Ester 3:7-15)

Mordecai went into mourning after the decree was issued and couldn’t enter the palace gates because of it. As reports made it to Esther of his condition, she sent one of her Eunuchs to go check on him. Mordecai sent a message back saying she needed to go to the King and beg for her people.

Esther sent a message back that if anyone approached the King without being summonsed they would be put to death, and informed him she hadn’t been summoned in over 30 days.

Mordecai sent back one of the most well-known verses in Esther:

Mordecai sent this reply to Esther: “Don’t think for a moment that because you’re in the palace you will escape when all other Jews are killed. If you keep quiet at a time like this, deliverance and relief for the Jews will arise from some other place, but you and your relatives will die. Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this?” Esther 4:13-14
Perhaps you were made for such a time as this.
And Esther makes a decision: Tell everyone to fast with me for three days. Then I will go to the king. If I die, I die.
After three days Esther went to the King. He welcomed her, and she invited him and Haman to a banquet. Then she did it again.
The second day she told King Xerxes of the evil plot to kill her and all her people. The King was outraged, and Haman knew his time had come to an end.
Haman was killed in the manner he intended to kill Mordecai, Queen Esther was given all of Haman’s belongings, and Mordecai was given Haman’s position. The decree against the Jews was revoked and they were given permission to fight back against anyone who attacked them.
Perhaps you were made for such a time as this.
Yeah, Esther was. She submitted to her father-figure, to the Eunuch in charge of her, and to her husband, the king. However, don’t think for a minute she didn’t make her own decisions. Don’t think she blindly went along with whatever she was told!
Esther was a smart girl. A rebel in many ways who put her life on the line from the beginning when she put herself out there as candidate for Queen knowing she was Jewish. Had she been found out at any time before the King fell in love with her, well, she wouldn’t have been alive long enough to free the Jewish people.
What’s going WRONG in your life right now? What injustice do you see?
Perhaps you were made for such a time as this. Don’t hide forever. The solution just might be YOU!
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  • Love the story of Esther… never thought of her as submissive. Adds a new dimension to the story. Great piece. Thanks!

  • Excellent look at Esther’s heroism!

  • Pushover seems a bit harsh considering the way women were treated during the time Esther lived. This was an interesting story. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Interesting look at the story of Esther – thank you for sharing!

  • Carrie,
    Great job! This has become a favorite book of mine. I studied Beth Moore’s study on it and gave my first big talk on this topic a year ago.. When my sister passed away this past January, one of the women at my church compared her to Esther and the verse … for such a time as this. My sister was amazing, and like Esther, had a quiet strength and determination. She was on fire for God and all that came through even though she never got out of her bed the last couple of months. I like how you closed her post because I do think there are those who yield to God and who He allows to impact many people because of their decisiveness and willingness to choose God in the capacity He asks. I wish you had known her.

  • I love Esther! I hadn’t thought about the submissive piece…very interesting! Blessings!

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