Disrupted {PaTterNS}

The end of June we found out our son and future daughter-in-love were moving their wedding up to December 2017 instead of summer 2018. This change in date spurred me into action on the weight loss I’ve been talking about for over a year.

I don’t want to be in pictures looking like I did a few months ago. Not looking like I do today, though, either.

I looked at calendar. Six month timeframe.

Can I get to a healthy weight in six months? The bigger question: Can I stick to a diet and exercise regimen for six months?

I know the answer to this.

No. I cannot.

Six months is too long. Too overwhelming to think about the amount of work I’ll have to put in in that amount of time to reach my goal.

I can’t think in a chunk of half a year.

How long does it take to form a habit?

21 days is what I’ve always been told.

21 days to form a new habit. I can do anything for 21 days. (This same mindset is exactly how I got through my Bachelors and Masters degrees.)

I decided to start a 90 day challenge and only focus on the first 30 days, though. If the pattern didn’t work for me, I’d quit or try something else.

It turns out that 21 day habit thing isn’t quite true. I’ve shared a link for you to check out and see if you agree.  21 Day New Habit Myth

The first week was EASY. A breeze, actually. Looks like I COULD do this.

Then came the pattern. Boredom.

Same things to eat, same cardio to do, same saying no to things I ???.

Enter frustration and a tad anger.

Then someone shares about a brand of “healthy” ice cream ?. Say what?!?!

And I rush to our local Walmart to scour the coolers.


Yes, on the bottom shelf, pushed way in the back is a tub marked HALO. ?

And it was glowing. Like the heavenly product it was.

And just like that, my pattern was disrupted and I finished the first 30 days STRONG.

How strong?

Here’s the 30 day comparison:

Yeah, you should see me now! I’ll go there another day.

My calendar, my routines, my life patterns must be disrupted. Despite my type A OCD behaviors that cling by bloody fingernails to the patterns, I must finger by finger let them go.

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  • Great progress! Love the breaking of long term efforts into digestible parts. (Pun intended)

  • Weight loss is first in the mind! I learned that this year as well. Great work. For me, the key to losing around 20 pounds in a very, very slow way over the last year, has been giving myself grace and freedom and deciding that even when I have a bad day that doesn’t have to turn into a bad week or even month. I love to read success stories.

  • queenof5dollarbling

    Great ideal breaking it down into smaller patterns as I am also on a weight loss journey and I am doing the same thing.

  • Looking great! I have to vary my exercize otherwise I get bored so easity.

  • Good for you – getting started, and finishing the first 30 days. I believe healthy should be for life. All of it. If we can establish healthy habits (yup, it can take longer than 21 days!!) to live by, weight loss can become easier. Think about adding things instead of what you “can’t” have. Add water. Add vegetables. Add protein. Add movement. Add health and fitness. 😉

    • Deborah,

      Thank you for sharing! I’ve actually finished 90 days, but am writing in pieces. ?

      The plan I’m following has made the changes so was that a lifestyle change is simply happening. There has been very few opportunities that I felt I missed something.


  • Good for you! I am also trying to lose weight and writing keeps me out of the kitchen. Good luck to both of us!

  • Hang in there!! It is so hard to lose weight we have had on us for years!! You can do it though, and have made great progress already!!

  • I can see quite the difference between the first photos and the new ones. Well done! I believe you can get even better results before your son’s wedding! Best of luck!

  • Carrie,
    I’ve MISSED you! I’m now blogging again! I can relate to your weight fluctuations too. I didn’t run last summer. I was too busy watching the sun go down and mourning the loss of my mom. I’m now 10 pounds heavier than i was in January. Every summer I run like the wind. But this summer my mind crawled over every memory and I could hardly leave the house.
    You’ll get there. xx

    • Amy,

      Thanks for ?‍♀️ by! ? I took a new job a little over a year ago and haven’t been able to blog. I’m trying to get back into the swing this month.

      Grief is hard. We must survive it one emotion at a time. Praying for you during this season.


  • I can relate to this. I had to lose weight because my knees hurt so bad that I could barely walk. With baby steps for the first time in years, I have managed to lose 4 kgs in 2 months. I just need to keep it up with healthy habits and not getting back to old patterns.

  • Reminds me of 2013 when my son came to us & announced he was getting engaged at the end April and would we help with keeping the surprise. That was great and we were delighted but then at the end of May they told us they wanted to get married at the end of October that year. I had 5 months and I was in the same condition as you – I lost 2 stone so I will cheer you on because I know you can do it too. Walking and eating healthily did it for me and of course that incentive – the wedding.

  • Oh I do hear you! I’ve been trying to lose weight for the last many months, but i keep retracting to my old habits of binge eating. Just when I think I’m getting there, I fall back. It is very frustrating. But, then what the heck I’ll keep trying. Someday I will hit the nail.
    Glad to meet you on blogosphere 🙂

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