Diet Disobedience

The exercise counter comes in many forms. Currently, I’m simply using a step counter on my iPhone. I try not to look at how many calories I’m burning each day. 


Well, let’s just use today as an example. Chris and I went on a hike. 

Uphill. At least four ways. And by “uphill” I don’t mean gradual incline. I mean straight up. The mountain goats ? are even huffing and puffing. 

It took us 2 hours (For real? That’s all?!?!) to complete the trail. My shoes are ruined. Chris pulled something in his back sliding on one of the inclines. And more than once I questioned the reason someone cleared this trail with this grade. 

Even the hiking guide died!

But we did it. 

And we felt accomplished at the end as we collapsed into the car. 

No, this isn’t us at the end! Try about half way.

Then Chris read how many calories we’d burned. Not enough to burn off a Big Mac. 

Man, this hike left us feeling accomplished until we realized how few calories we’d burned. 

Here’s where things get real. 

For years I’ve done some type of exercise. Often even used MyFitnessPal to log my food. But I’ve used it as a trade off system. 

I can eat the Big Mac (in addition to my regular caloric intake) if I hike for 4 hours today in strenuous conditions. I earned it by my exercise. Oh, this ice cream won’t hurt. I got an hour of cardio in. 

And instead of losing weight, I’m actually encouraging myself to eat poorly because I exercised. 

Why do we do these things to ourselves?!?!

These pictures don’t show just how steep the terrain is.

So, I hiked today. It was hard. But I didn’t reward myself by making a bad food choice. These things work together, but not as a trade off situation. It’s both exercise AND healthy eating habits that lead me to my goals. 

What’s your struggle on the journey to health? Do you struggle with trade offs like me? Or something entirely different?

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  • You know, I try not to think of specific calorie ratios or comparisons because it will discourage me terribly & could make me give up. I exercise with the thought that it’s helping and that it’s good for my body that I’m doing it. I admire your hike. You’re doing great!! 🙂

  • So true. Both exercise and healthy eating have to go hand in hand. I used to think that if I control my food, I don’t need to exercise, but was I mistaken!

  • Before I got married I joined Curves to lose weight. I used it as an excuse to eat more and gained weight instead! The thing is, a couple years before that I was running 20 plus miles per week for college track and cross country. Back then I could eat more. I fooled myself into thinking I could do the same on a light half hour work out. I like the way weight watchers does the fitness exchange. It gives you a little extra and some incentive, but it’s not unreasonable.

  • Thanks for your honesty! I enjoy my fitness routine but I admit, it can become my rationale for eating something I’d be better off without. Also, great job on the hike. I felt the challenge of the elevation in this post!

  • I haven’t had issues with my weight until recently and it’s frustrating. I try not to be too strict about it but find I need serious structure to make it work. I love your philosophy though – I would promote a more relaxed active and healthy lifestyle for sure, which is how I’ve always been. Great job on the hike! Great job on giving yourself grace!

  • That hike sounds swell. Yes, I so hear you. I tend to do the same. I cycled 80 k so I can have that massive tiramisu. And it’s a horrible trade-off as healthy eating and excercising all go hand in hand.
    Enjoying your posts.


  • That sounds like quite the adventure. And, yes, I know all about those trade offs. It’s the story of my life…

  • Yes, the little mind games we play when it comes to trading exercise and food we know we shouldn’t have often.
    I don’t look at calories or even the scale much and it’s not because I’m unaware.
    For some reason I trip up easily and quit the more I focus on those things.
    Now, I focus on the discipline of moving this body.
    Each day.
    on the Elliptical.
    Whether I feel like it or not.
    And when my arthritis starts yelling at me
    or when my tiredness tries to convince me that just one missed day won’t hurt
    I trudge into the garage
    for my 40 minute match up
    with my nemisis
    the Elliptical.
    BUT, when done, I am accomplished.
    Not because of the calories burned
    but because I fought my mind games
    and exercised anyway.