Daily Devotion for Curious People *Book Review*

You got me.

The devotional is ACTUALLY titled 365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids not curious people. However, I do believe this devotional can be used by curious kids of all ages. So, I changed my title to curious PEOPLE.  😛

This is the second children’s book I’ve agreed to review in the past few months. New territory for me. I haven’t had small children in many years, and although I work in a school, it’s with pre-teens.

I may feel just a tad out of my comfort zone digging into children’s books.

However, as I’ve already stated, I’m not sure this devotional is only for children.

As soon as I received the book, I did what any experienced (Bahahaha!) book reviewer would do. I opened it, skipped the introduction, and went straight to the January 1 entry.

January 1 is titled “Who Invented Time?”. It references Ecclesiastes 3:1. Each following day’s entry also is titled with a question, has a focus scripture, and a story entry to read and discuss.

The devotion part of each day is very short. It is short enough to keep the attention of the shortest attention span. It also includes enough content to allow families or groups to discuss the topic at greater length. Each entry has a reference to other entries with similar content.

Kathryn Slattery did an excellent job taking questions people have about God, faith, Christianity, and many other topics and turning them into short conversations where we can dig deep at a level all can understand.

This devotional would be great for young readers beginning to develop their own quiet time with God. Students in grades 3-5 would be able to read this, and reflect, on their own for the most part.

It is my opinion, though, that this devotional would be EXCELLENT for a daily family devotion. The content lends itself to conversation. It also wouldn’t have to take a long time. To read each day out loud is five minutes, max. If a discussion followed, it could be an extra five minutes or much longer. The impact of those 5-10 minute family devotions could go on for generations to continue to impact nations.

Although I have always worked in the public school system, I can also see this devotional being used in a Christian school as a daily devotion. Kids talking to kids about these questions and using scripture to reinforce God’s perspective, wow, talk about powerful learning!

My copy of 365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids by Kathryn Slattery will be a Christmas gift for a special family with younger kiddos. (Shhhh! Don’t tell!) I hope they receive blessings untold from the conversations that follow its use.

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Product Description:

365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids is a tremendous tool for every Christian home! Through a daily devotional, questions about God, the Bible, and faith are answered in a loving way that points children to God’s plan and His love. Parents will appreciate the thorough research and accuracy for this wide range of theological, historical, and faith topics. In addition to faith topics, this devotional addresses topics such as Christian traditions, the historic growth of Christianity, how to become a Christian, and what it means to be a Christian in today’s world. A helpful and complete index of questions includes the following topics: time; God; God’s promises; Jesus; God’s Holy Spirit; the Bible; the Old Testament; the New Testament; Christianity; prayer; the Church; Christian seasons, holidays, and traditions; being a Christian here and now; and eternity. Each devotion is written so that it can be read and enjoyed on its own at any time, and many include a “Want to know more?” cross-referencing section at the bottom of the devotional for the extra-curious child who wants to learn more. At the end of the book, a special section called My Notes and Prayers offers several lined pages for the thoughtful young reader to write his or her thoughts and prayers.


I was given this book to review for B&H FrontGate Media. While I was given the book for free all thoughts and opinions are my own.